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The Edi­tor,

Note: The fol­low­ing let­ter is from a man who stages a demon­stra­tion on High­way 34 near Van­kleek Hill to protest de­for­esta­tion.

Hi, it’s me again. Right off the top I re­ally wish to thank the peo­ple for their sup­port this past win­ter. It was a good win­ter: no one threw any­thing at me or tried to run me down. Trust me, that’s a real good year.

I had quite a few peo­ple stop by to chat but I re­mem­ber one fam­ily in par­tic­u­lar, a mother with three chil­dren stopped by be­cause the chil­dren wanted to know why I was stand­ing there. As we spoke, the mid­dle child, a young girl, ad­mit­ted she talked to squir­rels and I told her that I did too along with talk­ing to the trees, tur­tles, spi­ders and crows. Ac­tu­ally, any­thing that flies, swims, crawls or walks, I con­sider them all chil­dren of Mother Earth, and all of them ex­tremely pre­cious.

I went on to ex­plain that when we spoke to them they prob­a­bly wouldn’t un­der­stand any words, but they would most def­i­nitely un­der­stand the ges­ture of kind­ness.

I started to think when was the last time we, as peo­ple, have done some­thing kind to this amaz­ing planet, which has been so gen­er­ous to us with her air, her wa­ter and her pa­tience.

I be­lieve at this time in her long life, she is ill and I also be­lieve that we the peo­ple are re­spon­si­ble for her illness, through our greed, ig­no­rance and ar­ro­gance, in things we have done and in things we have not done.

Sun­day, April 22 is Earth Day. Just out­side Van­kleek Hill on Hwy. 34 south, at one o’clock in the af­ter­noon, I‘ m invit­ing any­one who cares for the trees, the wildlife or the planet it­self, to come spend an hour or so with like- minded peo­ple to show a kind­ness to this lovely cre­ation that is long over­due. I’m sure she would truly ap­pre­ci­ate the ges­ture.

We will take a few pictures, per­haps with a sign that might say, “We Care.” This time we will send copies to the Min­is­ter for Cli­mate Change and Global Warm­ing. Will it achieve any­thing? I don’t know, but to do noth­ing is un­think­able.

If you have chil­dren, please bring them. If not, bor­row some be­cause a large part of what we’re do­ing is for them and their fu­ture. I promise we won’t sing “Kum­baya.”

Andy Per­reault, Van­kleek Hill

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