Why can’t we be friends?

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The Edi­tor, Why is there so much anger and hate in the world? Did it start with the white man push­ing the red man onto reser­va­tions or the black into slav­ery? Maybe it was the school boards di­vid­ing the French and the English or Catholics and Protes­tants? Maybe it was the farm­ers not need­ing the neigh­bours to help har­vest the crop? They had new ma­chin­ery to get the work done faster. Then again, maybe it was Hitler want­ing to get rid of the Jews? Could it be the Franco-On­tar­ian flag in Cas­sel­man be­ing so much big­ger than any Cana­dian flag I have seen? Maybe it is the athe­ists want­ing the Lord’s prayer re­moved from the schools and Christ out of Christ­mas?

Maybe it is our Fed­eral and Pro­vin­cial gov­ern­ments spend­ing more money than we have to spend or do we just like to pay taxes to cover the ex­tras we want?

I was read­ing the weekly smile in last week and at first thought it was re­ally funny. It was about two dogs and a cat who died. All three are faced with God who wants to know what they be­lieve in. The first dog says, “I be­lieve in dis­ci­pline, train­ing and loy­alty to my mas­ter.” “Good,” says God, “sit down on my right side.” The sec­ond dog says, “I be­lieve in love, care and pro­tec­tion.” “Ah,” said God, “you may sit to my left.” God looks at the cat and asks, “What do you be­lieve in?” The cat an­swers, “I be­lieve you are sit­ting in my seat.”

How sad that so many peo­ple want to be the cat. Why can’t we all be friends?

Vi­ola McRae, Moose Creek

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