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The Ed­i­tor, Re: The Glen­garry Muse, “On­tario May Soon Grow Up,” (June 12); I have a few ques­tions you may be able to an­swer or Jim (al­ways agrees with Ford) McDonell can an­swer.

Ac­cord­ing to Ford’s ad­vanced Math we will have 450 stores sell­ing beer. They claim this will cre­ate 9,100 jobs. If the jobs are in the store that's about 20 new hires per store. The store will be crowded. Please ex­plain where the 9,100 jobs will be. 1) Where will the stores get their beer? What hap­pens to the emp­ties?

2) If a cus­tomer ap­pears drunk and wishes to buy a case what does the store owner do, sell or not sell?

3) If I'm sit­ting at home and need a case of beer and go to the lo­cal gro­cery store rather than the beer store how does this in­crease beer sales as pre­dicted by Ford? 4) When will On­tario re­duce the price of a case of beer? 5) What hap­pened to the 10-cent-a-litre price re­duc­tion promised? Stores will be easy marks for some beer drinkers who are look­ing for free beer. When I look at Ford and some of the mean-spir­ited cuts and stupid poli­cies I think the poli­cies are made by buck a beer bo­zos at a tail gate party on the back of a ma­nure spreader.

Al­ways en­joy your ar­ti­cles and week.

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