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Staff When Maxville se­nior Ce­cilia Cas­sibo learned about a new tablet course be­ing put on by the Tri-County Lit­er­acy Coun­cil, she jumped at the chance to take it.

“I took it be­cause I wanted more in­for­ma­tion,” Ms. Cas­sibo ex­plains. “I own an old Acer tablet but I would like to get a new one. I am think­ing about an iPad.”

As such, Ms. Cas­sibo was one seven se­niors at­tend­ing the tablet lit­er­acy course at Maxville Manor on July 3. The lit­er­acy coun­cil says that the course runs over four weeks and, by the time it’s done, stu­dents should have a ba­sic un­der­stand­ing of how to op­er­ate their tablets.

To young peo­ple who have been around such technology their en­tire lives, the lessons given by lit­er­acy in­struc­tor Eric He­ward might seem fairly ele­men­tary. On this par­tic­u­lar day, he is show­ing se­niors how to use the tablet’s cam­era, how to access weather in­for­ma­tion and how to op­er­ate Google maps.

Mr. He­ward’s in­struc­tion was both prac­ti­cal and eth­i­cal. He warned his stu­dents about tak­ing pic­tures of other peo­ple, es­pe­cially when hooked up to the in­ter­net.

“That pic­ture can wind up on the cloud,” he said. “It will be harder to re­move than from your tablet.”

Al­though the se­niors en­joyed the cam­era function, it was Google Maps that ex­cited them the most. Mr. He­ward pointed out that they can use the app to find nearby restau­rants, gas sta­tions, and other points of in­ter­est. As an ex­am­ple, he had the stu­dents look up the nearby Kilted Canuck pub and dis­cov­ered it was only a nine-minute walk from the manor.


The Tri-County Lit­er­acy Coun­cil re­ceived a grant from New Hori­zons for Se­niors that en­abled it to start the course as a pi­lot project in November. Mr. He­ward says that tablets are the easiest way to in­tro­duce se­niors to dig­i­tal technology.

To­day, Tri-County owns 10 Sam­sung tablets, which it uses for the course. Sam­sung was picked due its af­ford­abil­ity and its user-friendly model.

For her part, Maxville res­i­dent Christina Jans is look­ing for­ward to grow­ing more pro­fi­cient with her tablet. She hopes to use its com­mu­ni­ca­tions func­tions, like video chat­ting, to stay in touch with her fam­ily in Hol­land.


TABLET TALK: Maxville’s Christina Jans and Ap­ple Hill’s Jan­ice McIntosh took part in a tablet course put on by the Tri-County Lit­er­acy Coun­cil at Maxville Manor last week.

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