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Your part­ner bids One Spade, and the next player passes. Both sides are vul­ner­a­ble, and you have a partscore of 40. What would you bid with each of the fol­low­ing five hands? 1. Three spades. With 40 on, a di­rect jump-raise in­di­cates a hand of open­ing-bid pro­por­tions and a fit for part­ner’s suit. The pur­pose of the jump-raise is to alert part­ner to the pos­si­bil­ity of a slam. Part­ner does not have to bid again. He con­tin­ues for­ward with val­ues that jus­tify ex­plor­ing for slam op­po­site re­spon­der’s an­nounced strength.

2. Three hearts. The jump-shift guar­an­tees 17 or more points and forces opener to bid again (with a 40 partscore, part­ner would not have to an­swer a two-heart re­sponse). Opener re­bids nat­u­rally de­pend­ing on both dis­tri­bu­tion and high-card strength. A three-spade bid by opener would show a re­bid­dable suit, while three notrump would in­di­cate a bal­anced hand and lack of in­ter­est in slam.

3. Two clubs. Since a con­tract that would yield game has not yet been reached, opener must bid again. It’s best to men­tion the club suit first, planning to show your good spade sup­port next should opener be in­ter­ested in slam. If the partscore were 60, clubs would not be men­tioned; in that case, a di­rect raise to three spades would be the bet­ter bid.

4. Two spades. You have good spade sup­port and are in the range for a sin­gle raise, so that is the best ac­tion. Two hearts (not forc­ing) would be an in­ac­cu­rate re­sponse, as that bid would nor­mally show a good heart suit and im­ply lack of sup­port for spades. If part­ner bids again over two spades, try­ing for slam, you can then men­tion your heart suit, at the same time in­di­cat­ing slam in­ter­est.

5. Three notrump. Since two notrump would be suf­fi­cient for game, three notrump is a slam try, but opener is not re­quired to bid again. If he has a min­i­mum open­ing suit­able for notrump play, he can pass.

The three-notrump re­sponse with a partscore of 40 has the same mean­ing as the same bid with­out a partscore. It in­di­cates notrump dis­tri­bu­tion, 16 or 17 high-card points, and stop­pers in the un­bid suits.

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