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This week, you printed ar­ti­cles full of praise for the late pres­i­dent Ge­orge H.W. Bush. For­mer prime minister Brian Mul­roney’s eu­logy for Mr. Bush of­fered the view that “no oc­cu­pant of the Oval Of­fice was more … prin­ci­pled and more hon­ourable than Ge­orge Her­bert Walker Bush” (A Na­tion And A Son Say Good­bye – Dec. 6).

The South Amer­i­can vic­tims of Op­er­a­tion Con­dor, which flour­ished while Mr. Bush was head of the CIA, who were tor­tured, mur­dered, and de­prived of their demo­crat­i­cally elected gov­ern­ments would think other­wise.

So would the hun­dreds of Pana­ma­nian civil­ians killed in 1989 by the U.S. mil­i­tary in an as­sault on that coun­try to oust pres­i­dent Manuel Nor­iega, once sup­ported by the U.S., but de­mo­nized when no longer use­ful.

And so would the thou­sands of Iraqi mil­i­tary re­treat­ing from Kuwait in 1991 af­ter a failed in­va­sion of that coun­try, bombed by the U.S. Air Force, an act de­scribed as “shoot­ing fish in a bar­rel.”

Mr. Bush can rest in peace, know­ing that the legacy of his “prin­ci­pled” and “hon­ourable” pres­i­dency car­ries on.

Janet E. Harris Ot­tawa

Ku­dos to for­mer prime minister Brian Mul­roney for his stir­ring eu­logy at the fu­neral of the late pres­i­dent Ge­orge H.W. Bush.

If the in­cum­bent Pres­i­dent is as thin-skinned as some peo­ple say, he must have been squirm­ing in his seat when Mr. Mul­roney used such words as “coura­geous,” “prin­ci­pled” and “hon­ourable” to de­scribe some­one who was truly pres­i­den­tial in the old style. Let’s hope we may soon see such qual­i­ties in the White House again.

Dave Ashby Toronto

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