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Few re­sults from first min­is­ters meet­ing, but at least no­body stormed out


On­tario Premier Doug Ford says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has moved the goal­posts on Canada’s cli­mate-change plans, ask­ing On­tario to cut its green­house-gas emis­sions more than Ford had ex­pected.

That was just about the only sour note from a premier com­ing out of a day-long meet­ing in Mon­treal with the prime minister Fri­day.

But the cheer­ful moods most of them showed off might have been be­cause very lit­tle con­crete ap­pears to have been ac­com­plished.

Man­i­toba’s Brian Pal­lis­ter came out say­ing most of the premiers and Trudeau had agreed that there should be lower trade bar­ri­ers be­tween prov­inces, which was the of­fi­cial point of the meet­ing.

But he also said he didn’t want to let the per­fect be the en­emy of the good, and any progress on in­ter­nal trade should be trea­sured. He didn’t say what ac­tual progress the first min­is­ters had made.

Be­fore the meet­ing, many of the premiers had com­plained that they had other im­por­tant is­sues they wanted to talk about be­sides trade bar­ri­ers and didn’t want Trudeau and fed­eral min­is­ters to spend the time lec­tur­ing to them.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ad­dresses the first ses­sion of the first min­is­ters meet­ing flanked by On­tario Premier Doug Ford, in­ter­gov­ern­men­tal Af­fairs Minister Do­minic LeBlanc and Que­bec Premier Fran­cois Le­gault in Mon­treal on Fri­day.

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