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Let me just say off the top Den­nis King, you are a real breath of fresh air in the premier’s of­fice. I re­ally hope you can rise above all the stupid po­lit­i­cal games that all par­ties en­gage in and give us the gov­er­nance that we need and de­serve.

As you head into your first sit­ting, I would ask you to re­mem­ber a few ba­sics. You, and 25 (soon to be 26) other MLAs were all elected for the same pur­pose, namely, to be the voice of your con­stituents, both those who voted for you and those who did not. No one, and I mean no one, was voted solely to op­pose.

Op­po­si­tion was cre­ated by the party sys­tem, and is a de­ter­rent to good gov­ern­ment if ap­plied at all costs. There will be those who dis­agree with a plan or idea, and that is good, but that dis­agree­ment needs a more sub­stan­tial rea­son than the colour of their tie.

If you and all elected MLAs can avoid play­ing pol­i­tics and just be the voice of your con­stituents, you will be per­form­ing the du­ties you were elected to per­form. Never mind the ‘back­room boys,’ they weren’t elected and their voices should carry no more weight than mine or any­one else’s. This is a golden op­por­tu­nity for all MLAs to stop the party pol­i­tics and just gov­ern. We de­serve a lot bet­ter than we’ve been get­ting for the last num­ber of years.

I know it sounds sim­ple, doesn’t it? Well, if you and all MLAs can just put all those po­lit­i­cal games in the dump­ster where they be­long, keep things sim­ple and be the voice of your con­stituents, you be do­ing the job you were elected to do.

I be­lieve you have the po­ten­tial to be a very good premier for our prov­ince. Just don’t let party pol­i­tics get in the way of good gov­er­nance. After all, it is all about peo­ple, isn’t it?

Good luck to all our elected MLAs. You will never have a bet­ter op­por­tu­nity than right now to rise above ‘party pol­i­tics’ and give us the kind of gov­er­nance that we need and de­serve. Party pol­i­tics and good gov­er­nance do not go hand in hand – not at all!

Shawn Lan­don,

Mur­ray Har­bour

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