Pro-life and pro-choice

The Guardian (Charlottetown) - - OPINION - GE­ORGE PALAMATTAM GUEST OPIN­ION Rev. Dr. Ge­orge Palamattam is as­so­ciate pas­tor at St. Paul’s Par­ish in Sum­mer­side.

Re­gard­ing the Guardian ed­i­to­rial on May 29 — ‘Mixed Mes­sage’ — I fully sup­port the views ex­pressed in the fol­low­ing days of Eric McCarthy, Mar­ion E. MacCal­lum, Philip Allen, and Ju­lia Don­a­hoe MacDougald.

I am sur­prised at such an ex­tremely neg­a­tive taken by the Guardian against Robert Mitchell. He is pro-choice. It means, I be­lieve, that he will sup­port a woman’s de­ci­sion to deal with her body the way she likes. An unborn child is a sep­a­rate body grow­ing in a woman’s body. It is not her body. Sup­port for pro-choice is not the de­nial of an unborn child’s right to live. By be­ing a Lib­eral in­terim leader and legislator, it is not a must that he positively sup­ports abor­tion and eu­thana­sia. As a mem­ber of the Lib­eral party, he may go with the leg­isla­tive po­si­tion of his party. That may not be, and need not be, an ar­ti­cle of his faith and per­sonal stand.

I ap­pre­ci­ate and ad­mire Mr. Mitchell for his bold stand along with the pro-life group, and for not con­ced­ing to any wrong do­ing.

I be­lieve that many Lib­eral and other party law­mak­ers in the coun­try are pro-life. Un­for­tu­nately, most of them do not have the guts to express it be­cause of the fear of the one-sided and pow­er­ful me­dia on­slaught and their party leader’s po­si­tions.

Com­ing to the pro-choice and pro-life de­bate, ev­ery sen­si­ble hu­man per­son knows that the pro-life group is ad­vo­cat­ing for the right to life of a hu­man be­ing, a hu­man child, a hu­man per­son, which be­gins at the very mo­ment of con­cep­tion. Pro-choice means ter­mi­nat­ing the life of an unborn child. I be­lieve it is not a con­sti­tu­tional right, not a Char­ter right, not a fun­da­men­tal right — it is a le­gal right im­parted by the law­mak­ers and by the ju­di­ciary. The right to life of a hu­man child is a fun­da­men­tal right, which these bod­ies and the pro-choice group deny with the help of leg­is­la­tion and ju­di­cial rul­ing. Pro-life peo­ple take a def­i­nite stand to de­fend the right of an unborn per­son to live. This right is much su­pe­rior to pro-choice right, which is onesided, cruel and un­eth­i­cal.

When women claim that abort­ing, which is dis­mem­ber­ing and killing of a hu­man be­ing, is their right and their free­dom, the ques­tions in­volved are — what about the right of the child to live? Also, it in­volves the ques­tion of the right of the man in­volved in the gen­er­a­tion of that child. Does he have no right on his child that is be­ing killed? It must have been a con­scious or un­con­scious de­ci­sion and action of the man and woman, or boy and girl, to­gether that re­sulted in the preg­nancy. Are they not equal part­ners of the life of the unborn child? How can it be the right of the woman alone?

Ours is a coun­try which in­vites, en­cour­ages, and so­lic­its im­mi­gra­tion be­cause we need peo­ple to pop­u­late it and have a work­force. By re­sort­ing to abor­tion, are we not positively block­ing the growth of the es­sen­tially needed pop­u­la­tion for our very sur­vival? Think about those aborted chil­dren through the past decades; if they were al­lowed to be born we would not have the need for such hunt­ing for a work force.

What we need is to re­build our ed­u­ca­tion sys­tem to teach our chil­dren be­fore they reach re­pro­duc­tive age the process of hu­man gen­er­a­tive bi­ol­ogy, phys­i­ol­ogy and psy­chol­ogy. They must be taught to pre­pare them­selves for the pro­cesses, about the plea­sures, per­ils and con­se­quences in­volved, which in­clude the gen­er­a­tion of a hu­man be­ing, its nur­tur­ing and giv­ing birth to it, its phys­i­cal and psy­cho­log­i­cal health and well-be­ing.

These young­sters should also know all, and the dif­fer­ent pro­cesses in­volved, in ter­mi­nat­ing a preg­nancy, its phys­i­cal, psy­cho­log­i­cal and moral im­pli­ca­tions and con­se­quences.

I be­lieve the pro-life peo­ple are try­ing to be in­volved in this process, which is a very pos­i­tive en­deav­our nec­es­sary for the very sur­vival of hu­man­ity.

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