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How from the many let­ters words shown of four here? let­ters In mak­ing or more a can word, you each make let­ter may be used once only. Each word must con­tain the cen­tre let­ter and there must be at least one nine-let­ter word in the list. No plu­rals or verb forms end­ing in “s”; no words with ini­tial cap­i­tals and no words with a hy­phen or apos­tro­phe per­mit­ted. The first word of a phrase is per­mit­ted (e.g. inkjet in inkjet printer).

To­day’s Tar­get Good 55; very good 64; ex­cel­lent 71 (or more). Tues­day’s So­lu­tion:

aged agene agree agreed anger an­gered dang dan­ger de­range drag 6/12 dragee ea­ger ea­gre edge egad endgame en­gram en­rage game gamer gan­der gar­den gar­dener garner gear gen­darme gen­der gene genre germ ger­man GERMANDER ger­mane gnar grad grade gram gran grand grandee greed green grenade ma­nege mange manger mea­gre mega menage merge rage rang range ranger re­gard regma

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