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There seems to be a war against science going on.

Scientists study things for years, find that something is going wrong, will have dire consequenc­es and warn us about it. They also develop ideas to turn things around. There is no political agenda; they are not out to destroy our way of life. They find problems, they do not invent the problem. Then they try to solve it.

Climate change is a crisis, a very grave crisis according to over 90 per cent of the scientific community. Yet, there is a war on wind power. Why?

There is real proof that our use of fossil fuels are causing the problem; the scientific community has been yelling about it for years. In Alberta we raped the land in order to get oil, basically dirty oil.

People are worried that wind farms are ugly. Have you not seen pictures of the oil fields? They are the personific­ation of ugly and noisy, the damage to the environmen­t vast. I personally think that the wind turbines are beautiful and graceful. Problems with them, yes. Problems that can be solved.

Remember, science evolves, you do not get it completely right, right away.

Another war on science is the wearing of face masks. I will not go into the vast amount of evidence that face masks are effective. But I really worry that someone in these very dire times, offers as proof that wearing a mask is not effective because his “clean” underwear and cloth pants could not prevent the escape of the smell of his farts.

The world needs sane, coherent, well-researched ideas right now not garbage, picked out of the sky.

Carol Capper, Summerside

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