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Plenty of new shows this spring


I know I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy because even my bedtime sweatpants are getting snug.

If you are also looking to put your elastic waistbands to the test while cozying up for some screen time, here are some streaming shows worth watching.

Mare of Easttown on

Crave: The streaming sites are testing our patience lately by dropping weekly episodes instead of an entire season. Mare of Easttown stars Kate Winslet and will drop an episode every Sunday. The first episode dropped on April 18.

Winslet plays a small-town detective, Mare, who is trying to solve a local murder while dealing with turmoil in her own life. The seven-episode series has received critical acclaim from early reviewers. Kate Winslet had me at Titanic, and she kept me with The Holiday, so I’ll be tuning in!

Sasquatch on Crave:

This docuseries investigat­es a triple homicide that was allegedly caused by a Sasquatch 25 years ago.

Investigat­ive journalist David Holthouse first heard the haunting story while visiting a pot farm in Northern California, so he decides to revisit the area in search of evidence and answers.

It’s getting really hard to reach around my belly to shave my legs, so I hope no one mistakes me for the murderous Sasquatch.

The Circle on Netflix:

The Circle is a reality show that asks the question: How far would you go to be popular if $100,000 were on the line?

Contestant­s interact through a screen using group chats and faux social media profiles, eliminatin­g participan­ts one by one. Netflix is

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