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Thank you to the tal­ented writ­ers who sub­mit­ted en­tries for The Gulf News sec­ond an­nual Scary Story con­test. Be sure to visit our Face­book page at noon on Hal­loween when the win­ning en­try will be cho­sen via live draw.

The Gulf News would like to thank co-spon­sors — the New­found­land and Labrador Laubach Lit­er­acy Coun­cil and Wild­flower Com­pany.

Fol­low­ing are the spooky en­tries:


For the past four years, my younger brother wanted a dog (sooo bad). Un­for­tu­nately, the an­swer was al­ways no! My mom would then con­tinue on preach­ing the re­spon­si­bil­i­ties of own­ing a dog.

Fi­nally, one day she gave him a toy dog as a test, (he looked so real, in the scari­est kind of way) to see if he was ready to care for a real dog.

This toy dog was the creepi­est, ugli­est, scari­est thing I have ever seen in all of my life! It’s like it was al­ways star­ing at me and grin­ning. I was so scared of this toy dog; I planned to dis­pose of it, so I would never have to see it again!

So, I made a plan....

That dog had to go, some­thing was not right!

That night I awo­ken to my bed­room door creak­ing open, but I could not move! My body was frozen! I could only move my eyes; I wanted to scream for help but I can’t. I heard my zip­per on my back­pack be­ing zipped opened. Who­ever’s in my room has my plan that I had writ­ten to get rid of that DOG!

Please don’t let it be my lit­tle brother, he will never for­give me!

There was some grue­some stuff on that pa­per, then I felt it! His soft furry paw touched my cheek bone! He whipped away a tear, and flashed me the creepi­est, ugli­est, scari­est smile!!!

Now I wished it was my lit­tle brother, I was so scared my whole body was shak­ing on the in­side.

I knew then what he was go­ing to do! He was go­ing to do to me; what I had planned to do to him!

I heard dads ra­zor start up! He cut off all my hair, then he got moms tweez­ers and plucked off all my toe and fin­ger nails!

I am scream­ing so loud on the in­side, but no one can hear me, and no one can help me!

I re­mem­bered one thing that he had not done to me yet, that was on the pa­per! That’s when I heard a bang in the kitchen.

Oh no he’s go­ing to do it, he’s go­ing to scoop my eyes out with the ice cream scoop! He stood over me, his white fangs smil­ing at me, with the creepi­est, ugli­est and scari­est grin!

And the tears just rolled down my face....

Was this just a dream......


One day my fam­ily moved to a large house lo­cated on the first street in Dark Falls. It was very still and quiet with no one around. We en­tered the house and re­al­ized it was per­fect and we would move in to­day!

Mom and dad were un­pack­ing the boxes and I was up­stairs get­ting set­tled into my new room. I heard strange noises and a voice softly say “the haunted hand is com­ing for you” as it drifted away with the wind. I ran down­stairs to check if my mom and dad were okay.

When I came down­stairs I couldn’t find them. Then I re­mem­bered they told me they were go­ing to the at­tic. Strangely, they found a bot­tle that was la­belled DO NOT OPEN! They placed it down in the kitchen and went back to un­pack­ing. I went back to my room, lit­tle did I know, that bot­tle con­tained a mur­der­ing hand.

When I went to bed the voice re­turned and said, “the haunted hand, the haunted hand”.

Strange noises con­tin­ued to fill my room. 3:00 in the morn­ing my dad was scream­ing so my mom rushed down the stairs and gasped in hor­ror at the life­less body. A knife was stabbed in his body with a note that read:

“Be­ware of the bot­tle”.

My mom called the fu­neral home and we had his fu­neral the next week. The fol­low­ing week I had to go live with my grand­par­ents. There were 19 more vic­tims! Guess what? The lo­cal li­brar­ian man­aged to dis­cover that the mur­der­ing hand was back killing again. 1972, was the be­gin­ning of the killing spree and 2022 was the year it came back. Mom came to live with me at my grand­par­ents and there was no more mur­der­ing hand.


Carly and Ma­cie are play­ing at Mar­cie’s house when they hear a noise and they see some wind blow­ing. Then they see a spooky ghost with stuff dan­gling down on him. He tries to chase the girls, but they jump out the win­dow. They close the win­dow and the ghost bumps into it and then he flies away be­cause he got scared!


One dark cloudy Hal­loween night I went trick or treat­ing and de­cided to ex­plore a dark and spooky street I have not seen be­fore, I was alone and afraid. The street was dark and very spooky. There were cob­webs and spi­ders ev­ery­where. The street was aban­doned, there was no one around, the street light flick­ered with light. The houses on the street were fall­ing down, most of the house’s win­dows were boarded over. The paint on the houses were peel­ing, as I walked down the street I shiv­ered. I was still dressed in my Hal­loween cos­tume with a small bag of candy. I looked at the far end of the street and there was some­one stand­ing there, they were dressed in long black robes. There was a robe hang­ing and cov­er­ing the top of their face they were look­ing at me. They cack­led and dis­ap­peared, I de­cided to knock on a door and said, “trick or treat!” I walked up the steps and they creaked, I knocked on the door and to my sur­prise some­one an­swered. I said “trick or treat!” She looked spooky, she was dressed as a witch. I said I like your cos­tume. My heart thumped, It was a real witch! She reaches out to grab me, but I fell off the stairs and ran home. I then ques­tioned why did I go on the street? his name was Stuwett. Stuwett loved to trick or treat. He was a kind kid but some of his friends bul­lied him for play­ing video games. The boy’s mom and dad sat him up for boot camp in two days it would be Hal­loween, but he couldn’t go trick or treat­ing, but the rooms at boot camp were dark and had no lights, but ev­ery­one said there was some­thing fishy about their coach. The next day all the power shut off they heard scream­ing in the air, but one kid noticed his friend was miss­ing, that night they heard laugh­ing and the next day was Hal­loween. The coach took all the kids for a walk through the for­est a black fig­ure ap­peared, it took the coach and kids with him and the rest of the kids were ever found again, the kids still go to that same camp.


Once upon a time there was a seven-year-old boy who needed to go to school. When he got there, he could not open the door, when the door opened there was no one there. Then he left, it was dark, he could tell it was not the same place he took a walk. He saw a ghost and the ghost said, “Look out for the zom­bies,” why? He said, “be­cause he will kill you.” Said the ghost sud­denly they fell in a trap. They saw a woman, when they walked to­ward her she said “Hi.” Ghost said, “is that you?” She said, “who it who?” Ghost said, “boy that is a vamp,” I looked and saw a full moon. He turned into a wear wolf. The next day he was dead by a hunter be­cause he was a wolf. Then he came back as an evil skele­ton. Right away he saw ghost look­ing for him. He ran to the ghost. The gray yard feared, the bones fell apart and no one knows the rest.


On the night of Oc­to­ber 31th, 2018, at 9:37 p.m., two kids, best friends for life, a 12-year-old boy named Daniel and a 13-year-old boy named Austin. They were walk­ing around their town in their cos­tumes. Daniel was a ghost and Austin was a clown, they were walk­ing around trick or treat­ing get­ting some can­dies. Daniel and Austin both had three bags each, 1st bag each was filled with and the 2nd bag each was half filled. Then they walked around the block to a mas­sive 3 story house that they have never seen be­fore. They looked at each other with fear in their eyes. They shrugged their shoul­ders and went to the door. Austin knock on the door 3 times “Knock, Knock, Knock,” they waited about a minute or two and the opened, the tall squeaky door and qui­etly sneaked in. Daniel and Austin made it in to the liv­ing and looked at each other with ter­ror. It was dark, so it was to see but there was a faint light in the hall so, they slowly walked to­ward it. Then dropped their candy by the hall­way en­trance, Daniel spot­ted a door halved open and he told Austin to go to­ward it. They did, and they made it to the and stopped. Daniel and Austin both heard foot­steps close and they got scared and ran through the door, when they looked a huge, tall, mas­sive, dark green gob­lin was star­ring right in their faces. They both screamed and ran back through the door and back to the other end of the hall where they saw stairs. The gob­lin still on their tail scream­ing “I’M COM­ING.’ Daniel and Austin ran down the stairs as fast as they can and when they made it to the base­ment there was blood ev­ery­where, Austin felt sick, but could not stop, then they saw a dark room where they made it the only thing that was heard is swing­ing swords and sharp spikes, not a sound was made only slow gob­lin walk­ing…


Once upon a time there was a per­son named Robin, he lived in a small com­mu­nity. It was far in the woods and it took along time to get food. They lived one hour from the near­est city. It was Fri­day af­ter school and him and his friends went to his cool tree­house. He had four friends and they helped him build it. When the kids got to the tree­house they saw a strange man stand­ing out­side, when they went up in the house the last kid got torn down out of it, by a long arm with ten­ta­cles. Then the other two and chased af­ter the mon­ster. Then they came upon a scary old house. They herd creak­ing and crack­ing form down­stairs, so they walked down. Then the floor opened up and one of the kids got swal­lowed by it. The other was swal­lowed by the creak­ing. Now, it was only Robin. He tried to get out, but he couldn’t, and no one saw him again.


Once upon a time there were two kids named Ellen and Cameron. They love to ex­plore new things and new stuff. They wanted to ex­plore a haunted house it didn’t look scary at all be­cause they went on many ad­ven­tures be­fore. When they went in­side the door shut on it own. A trap door opened un­der them they dogged the trap­door be­cause there was lava un­der them. They jumped across the lava then a Zom­bie named Olivia, ghost named Rocky and a skele­ton named Tyler. Olivia and Rocky went to try to kill Ellen and Cameron, but Tyler stopped them. “These are only kids” said Tyler” you can’t talk” said Ellen “of course we can” said Rocky. “bring” said Cameron “how big is this place” asked Ellen. “18 feet” said Olivia “what” said Cameron a girl came to see what was go­ing on “It’s a witch” said Tyler. “How are you?” said Ms. Witch” f-f-fine” said Ellen “y-y-yah” said Cameron “what wrong with these kids” said Ms. Witch “they’re scared” said Tyler “why” said Ms. Witch “be­cause their hu­mans “said Rocky “O’ said M. witch. Olivia jumps and scares the two kids again “stop that” said Tyler soon the kids were not scared anymore. The End


On one spooky night five kids went trick or treat­ing like every year, but this year was dif­fer­ent. There was a new per­son in our com­mu­nity. He was old and had grey hair and had a raspy trot. I never though much of it at first, but a lot of dogs have gone miss­ing - it might be be­cause of him. I brushed it off, so we were walk­ing to the next house and we saw his house. I looked at the house and saw his eyes peek­ing out of the blinds, we streaked on hor­ror, he saw us next to his house, so it would be rude if we never went to his house. So, we went to his house and saw so much dogs there, the man said do you want to come in, we had to say yes. He gave us some wa­ter and for some rea­son we fell asleep. When we woke up we were in a cas­tle look­ing place there was some­thing that said trick there was lava and rocks to jump on and at the end was a note, we got the note it said puz­zle done so we went in el­e­va­tor and it brought us to the old man the old man gives is 1000, for com­plains the chal­lenge we said thanks and went to tell our moms.

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