This Gen­tle­man Jour­nal­ist is pas­sion­ate about prints, tex­tures and colours

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Some peo­ple pre­pare for a marathon by train­ing hard, test­ing tech­ni­cal gear, eat­ing right and get­ting enough sleep.

Ni­cholas Mizera was al­ready an avid run­ner at a high cy­cle in his train­ing when he de­cided to reg­is­ter for the 2015 Sco­tia­bank Toronto Wa­ter­front Half Marathon. But what he didn’t have was the right suit. Yes, you read that right — suit. He would need it, you see, in or­der to break the Guin­ness World Record for fastest half marathon in a suit.

So Mizera, au­thor of the fash­ion blog The Gen­tle­man Jour­nal­ist, reached out to In­dochino, a brand with which he was al­ready fa­mil­iar through his work as a fash­ion blog­ger and jour­nal­ist. And be­fore long, two indigo blue suits in light­weight, sweat-wick­ing In­dotech fab­ric — com­plete with white spread-col­lar shirts — ar­rived at his doorstep. He added a black bow tie, blue sus­penders with white dots, black dress socks and a pair of New Balance run­ning shoes to smash that record with a time of 1:35:47.

So why did he do it? One need only peek at the motto em­broi­dered on the in­side of his smart wool jacket to un­der­stand his think­ing: Look Sharp Run Hard. Be­cause Mizera, who has also worked in re­tail fash­ion, dresses up more than he does down, and ex­per­i­ments with mix­ing prints, tex­tures and colours. He’s a guy who breaks fash­ion rules. And he’s a guy who pushes him­self out­side his com­fort zone, es­pe­cially when it comes to fash­ion — an art form he’s been pas­sion­ate about since open­ing his first GQ mag­a­zine, way back when.

“Read­ing all those (men’s fash­ion) mag­a­zines, I read about all these sar­to­rial rules — no black with navy and no black and brown — and now I lit­er­ally don’t care about that,” says Mizera, 30, who lives in Hamilton with his wife Jenna Pet­ti­nato and works as an Opin­ion/Blogs edi­tor at Huff­in­g­ton Post Canada. “I feel like all those rules have re­laxed over time. And it’s a lot more fun and a lot more ex­pres­sive for men. ’Cause you’re never won­der­ing if you’re fit­ting into this class — like, fash­ion as a class idea. You’re fit­ting more into self-ex­pres­sion.”

It’s em­pow­er­ing, says Mizera, who finds free­dom in this form of per­sonal ex­pres­sion. Like mix­ing a flo­ral shirt with a hor­i­zon­tal stripe tie or brown shoes and a black belt. Here he sports the indigo blue In­dochino suit jacket he wore to break the world record back in 2015, with grey Ted Baker chi­nos, a white Eton spread-col­lar shirt and Splash mi­cro-flo­ral tie. He ac­ces­sorizes with Got­style dress socks, brown Ex­ton shoes from Le Château, Mr. Porter pocket square and a vin­tage flo­ral tie clip he found at Courage My Love in Kens­ing­ton Mar­ket in Toronto.

“I think that now men’s fash­ion isn’t so much a clas­sic-suits-and-ties

kind of thing, but peo­ple are un­der­stand­ing that fash­ion is a broad spec­trum of things from ath­leisure and again, your Tshirt and jeans can still be a fash­ion sta­ple of some­one’s per­sonal style,” says Mizera. “It’s all valid.”

Most eye catch­ing piece:

My col­lec­tion of flo­ral ties. I’ve got tons of them — one for ev­ery oc­ca­sion. I’ve got neu­tral ties, I’ve got fall-themed ties, I’ve got cherry blos­som ones and these that are more mi­cro, I’ve got tons of these.

Quirki­est wardrobe item:

A cam­ou­flage blazer ... it’s very slim fit, one but­ton blazer that I got from Zara. I got it ages ago when I moved to Toronto for the first time. And that was af­ter I had left re­tail, so I could start build­ing up my wardrobe in not black, white or grey. So it was kind of a mo­ment of lib­erty and free­dom …

The way I wear it is like a neu­tral, though. It doesn’t feel weird with other pat­terns and it doesn’t feel as big as it is . ... I wear it like a grey or black piece.

Wardrobe must have:

Navy blaz­ers … my favourite colour but it’s also just a very ver­sa­tile, year-round piece. You re­ally can’t get more clas­sic than that ... some­thing with more soft

shoul­ders just be­cause it looks a bit more re­laxed.

Best pur­chase:

This (vin­tage flo­ral) tie clip. It was $2 and it’s got­ten me the most com­pli­ments of any­thing in my en­tire wardrobe.

Re­grets buy­ing:

A green polo shirt from Joe Fresh that I pur­chased for St. Pa­trick’s Day. But I ab­horred it. I was a size up even though it was the small­est size they car­ried. It

was the kind of green that just looks bad against my skin. So I got rid of it.

Loves to shop at:

Re­cently I’ve been go­ing out of my way to shop lo­cal. It’s a way for me to get to know the Hamilton stores since I moved here in Novem­ber. And it’s also kind of

an op­por­tu­nity to push my­self out of bound­aries. So while New­man’s (Menswear) is re­ally spot on with my style — they have lots of prints and are fresh and young and sporty — I do like try­ing more her­itage brands like the stuff they have at O’s Clothes, like flan­nels and what­not. Kitsu is re­ally nice be­cause they’re a little ur­ban and they kind of pushed me into that di­rec­tion.

Rid­ding your closet of:

Any­thing that’s not worth get­ting tai­lored. It’s not a knock against fast fash­ion be­cause I’ve man­aged to keep fast fash­ion shirts go­ing on for six or seven years, but right now I’m kind of em­pha­siz­ing the higher qual­ity and fewer items. So if it’s worth tai­lor­ing, it prob­a­bly hits that mark.

Splurges on:

I’ve been splurg­ing more on ath­leisure be­cause ap­par­ently it’s very ex­pen­sive. And I’ve also been splurg­ing on those her­itage items ... there was this in­cred­i­ble mo­tor­cy­cle sweater that I got from O’s by Deus Ex Machina, an Aus­tralian la­bel. And it’s so thick and heavy, a little slouchy, and kind of out of my wheel­house be­cause it’s not tight and stuff. It’s a beau­ti­ful dark green colour and I ab­so­lutely adore it. That was a big splurge.

Beauty item you can’t live with­out:

Layrite. It’s a po­made … ever since I adopted this kind of hairstyle back in the Crow’s Nest in Toronto, I would al­ways buy Layrite.


“I re­ally love navy,” says Ni­cholas Mizera, sport­ing an indigo blue In­dochino blazer over a white spread col­lar Eton shirt with a Splash mi­cro-flo­ral tie. His grey chi­nos are Ted Baker. “I don’t wear a lot of green or red. I tend to avoid those, aside...

“I feel like I have a lot of tie clips but I al­ways go with this be­cause it’s neu­tral, it’s re­ally sub­tle and most of my ties are two-inch or skin­nier, mostly be­cause I’m a slim guy and I like keep­ing things pro­por­tional, I guess. So I only have a...

Mizera ac­ces­sorizes with socks from Got­style and brown Ex­ton shoes from Le Château.


Ni­cholas Mizera: “men’s fash­ion isn’t so much a clas­sic-suits-and-ties kind of thing.”

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