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Trend alert: These snacks are upcycling ‘imperfect’ fruits and veg


You probably know about upcycled clothing and decor, but what about upcycled... food? It’s estimated that more than 58 per cent of food produced in Canada goes to waste — and about 45 per cent of that waste is from bruised or otherwise “imperfect” fruits and vegetables deemed not attractive enough to sell. Now, in an effort to keep totally edible ingredient­s from being needlessly thrown away, several brands are turning them into sustainabl­e snacks.

The chocolatey treat

The founders of Montreal’s Remix Snacks used their background­s as registered dietitians to create tasty yet healthy dark-chocolate bean barks. Rich in iron, protein and fibre, they also include dried pieces of imperfect peaches, apples and cranberrie­s for a sweet (but not-too-sugary) snack.

Remix Snacks Bean Bark pack of three (peach shown), $17.95, remixsnack­

The crunch booster

Toronto start-up Bruized uses leftover organic pulp from local juice bar Freshouse as the base for their granola alternativ­e, sweetened with imperfect apple and banana chunks and Canadian maple syrup. The dehydrated mixture then amps up the crunch with oats, coconut and sunflower seeds. Enjoy in yogurt or straight from the jar.

Bruized Pulp Crunch, $9,

The thirst quencher

Delivering to areas in Quebec and Ontario, Loop Mission uses imperfect fruits and veggies to create fresh, cold-pressed juices. Their thematical­ly onpoint Canadian Lemonade is a delicious blend of cranberry and lemon juices and maple syrup. The residual pulp is turned into vegan dog treats, too.

Loop Mission Canadian Lemonade, $59 for six, loopmissio­

The greener chip

There’s nary a potato in Pulp Pantry’s chips. Instead, the pulp from rescued organic veggies and superfoods like chia seeds go into their fibre-rich snacks. Try the jalapeno lime flavour, based on celery and kale, for a slightly spicy and tangy bite.

Pulp Pantry Pulp Chips, $8.50,

The PB&B cookie

Upcycled bananas are Barnana’s specialty. The brand purées bruised organic bananas for the base of their gluten-free cookie brittle, which is, in a nod to Elvis, mixed with smooth peanut butter and oats for a sweet and crunchy snack.

Barnana Organic Cookie Brittle Extra Creamy Peanut Butter, $8, naturamark­

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