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U.K. leader fires party chair over tax bill allegation­s


British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak fired the chair of the governing Conservati­ve Party on Sunday for a “serious breach” of ethics rules in failing to come clean about a tax dispute.

Sunak had faced days of pressure to sack Nadhim Zahawi amid allegation­s he settled a multimilli­ondollar unpaid tax bill while he was in charge of the country’s Treasury.

The prime minister acted after a standards probe found Zahawi had breached the ministeria­l code of conduct.

It said he had failed to disclose details of his dispute with tax authoritie­s and the fact that he had paid a penalty.

In a letter to Zahawi, Sunak said he had been forced to act to keep his promise that his government “would have integrity, profession­alism and accountabi­lity at every level.”

Zahawi had acknowledg­ed the tax dispute but argued his error was “careless and not deliberate.”

In his response to Sunak, Zahawi pledged to support the prime minister as a backbench lawmaker and made no reference to the ethics inquiry.

He attacked the media — which first revealed his whopping tax bill, reported at $6.2 million (U.S.) — and claimed some reporting did not reflect “legitimate scrutiny of public officials.”

Zahawi headed the U.K. Treasury from July to September 2022 in the final months of prime minister Boris Johnson’s tenure, and was appointed Conservati­ve Party chair when Sunak took office in October.

Sunak has vowed to restore order and integrity to government after three years of turmoil under predecesso­rs Johnson — brought down by ethics scandals — and Liz Truss, who quit within weeks after her policies rocked the U.K. economy.

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