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What happened to country music drama ‘Monarch’?


“Ransom,” a drama starring Luke Roberts as a crisis negotiator ran for three seasons, 2017 to 2019.

You have questions. I have some answers.

Q: Where is the series “Monarch”? Was it cancelled? I only watched it for Susan Sarandon, but she was missing most of the time. A:

Fox cancelled the country music drama after a single, 13-episode season. Billboard reported that “Fox positioned the show as its big bet for the fall — it was the only rookie series on the schedule — but it didn’t get the audience it needed to justify a renewal.

The series averaged 4.1 million viewers across all platforms and a scant 0.3 rating in the key ad sales demographi­c of adults 18-49.” For those of you wondering why Oscar winner Sarandon wasn’t visible more, her character died in the first episode and then appeared only in flashbacks.

Q: I’m trying to find informatio­n on an older show (2020?) called “Ransom,” which was only on for a short period. It was very good but nothing was ever indicated that it would not be returning the next season. Can you tell me what happened and whether it will return or can be found elsewhere? A:

“Ransom,” a drama starring Luke Roberts as a crisis negotiator, aired for three 13-episode seasons on CBS in 2017-19; it was noteworthy for being a first-run series on Saturday nights, where broadcast networks generally put reruns, sports and the remains of cancelled shows. Still, ratings were reportedly not great and declined over its run. I have found reruns listed — for free on the Roku Channel and for a fee on Prime Video.

Q: Several years ago, probably 10-plus, there was a show where a group of people were rounded up and dropped into a town that was surrounded by some kind of force field. I believe the last scene of the last show had them boarding a boat to be sent somewhere else. I know that’s not a lot to go on, but I know you can help me recall this series.

A: Thank you for that show of faith, especially since my file of unsolved TV-show mysteries is huge.

But we did figure out that you remembered “Persons Unknown,” a drama that aired on NBC in 2010.

The Hollywood Reporter said it followed “a group of strangers who wake up in a deserted town with no recollecti­on of how they got there; to escape, they must work together to solve a surreal puzzle.” It did not go beyond a single season. Viewers may also remember “Under the Dome,” a 2013-15 drama about a small town suddenly trapped inside a force field.

Q: Are there DVDs of the original “Upstairs, Downstairs”? A:

Yes. The serialized drama about a family and its servants has been released on DVD more than once, including in complete-series packages, available on Amazon.

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