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People are going wild for this ‘nail concealer’

No time for a mani? This innovative polish has you covered


I’ve been wanting to write this story for months now, but every time I was about to, the product was sold out. That goes to show you the level of hype there is around this inconspicu­ous little bottle — it has been getting rave reviews all over TikTok and YouTube. It’s currently available on the Shoppers Drug Mart website and I’d suggest adding it to your cart immediatel­y just in case, then coming back to read the rest of this story to make up your mind. For real, go — I’ll wait here. (I would just hate for you to get all excited only to find out it’s once again out of stock.)

OK great, you’re back! Now let me tell you the many reasons you’re going to love this. It’s intriguing­ly called a “Nail Concealer,” but I think “Nail BB Cream” or “Nail Tinted Moisturize­r” would be a more apt descriptio­n.

The sheer, subtly iridescent veil serves up a cool blurring effect that seems to erase imperfecti­ons on contact without covering up nails completely. Instead, they look healthy and polished in a really natural, effortless way. It’s kind of like the nail equivalent of no-makeup makeup — a no-polish polish. Very model or actress off duty, like, say, Bella Hadid, who has recently been spotted with a sheer, milky mani that just screams nail concealer.

The translucen­t white shade dries in no time and yields such a glossy finish, you don’t even need to add a top coat. Nor is a base coat necessary; the formula is packed with nourishing ingredient­s, so it’s best to apply it directly over a bare nail. Not only does it disguise any marks or yellowness, it’s also UV-light filtering and laced with antioxidan­ts to brighten the nail surface over time and prevent future discolorat­ion. Lime tree and porcelain flower extracts provide added brilliance and hydration.

I particular­ly love to use it when I’m rehabbing my nails after consecutiv­e gel manis or when I’ve removed said gel myself. This magical polish tides me over, making my hands look polished and sophistica­ted in a single, hassle-free coat. The same goes if you’ve been doing lots of manual labour, gardening or dishwashin­g and find your nails looking a little worse for wear. A quick swipe and you’ll look like you have a standing weekly mani appointmen­t. Don’t you just love a good shortcut?

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