The Hamilton Spectator


- By Scott Hogan and Katie Hale, edited by Will Shortz


1 Favors

5 Slathered in sauce, in restaurant-speak

8Letters on security camera footage

12Big flings

18“Pet” you wouldn't take to the vet

19 Cosecant's reciprocal

20Cookie with its name on it

21One of four on a diamond

22I visited the cardiologi­st, who ...

25 Bull-headed?

26Club assistant

27Apt letters that complete this word: P__RPO__ __

28 Nailed

30Partner of Hoda on “Today”

31I visited the dermatolog­ist, who ...

35“The greatest as well as the most elegant of Roman philosophe­rs,” per Voltaire

38Rob in Hollywood

39 Fashion something fashionabl­e, maybe

40 Uninspired

41 Revealing word

45Like a money-back guarantee

47I visited a dentist and now I ...

51Otis of elevator fame

55Set forth

56 Prattle

57 Sorry ass?

61Equivale­nt of 32,000 ounces

62 Pinches

64Scenario before a two-run home run, say

65 Lived (in)

67Alternat­ive to foil or saber

69I visited the anesthesio­logist and now I've ...

73 Bitter brews

74Gets in shape?

76Home of the 123-story

Lotte World Tower

77Natural decoration­s on some bookshelve­s 79 Pique

80 Hunt

82 Lovelace of early computer programmin­g

84Californ­ia wine valley

87One with a landlord

89I visited a sleep specialist, who ... 92Double-wide, as a garage

96 Profession­al who works a lot

97 Skin

98Soul seller

100Change positions, as in volleyball

102Takes the blame for

105I visited the radiologis­t, who ...

110Rude ... or, without its first two letters, rude person

111____ beer (nonalcohol­ic beverage)

112 MSNBC competitor

113Slowly cook, in a way

118Prenata­l tests, in brief

120I visited the podiatrist and now I ...

123 Call

124Filled, folded food

125Female French friend

126O, in hangman

127 Meager

128Part of most musical notes

129 Cribbage marker

130 Mathematic­ian Noether


1Rock band with a slash (but not Slash)

2Like much of Iran

3Sue Monk ____, author of “The Secret Life of Bees”

4Castle material, maybe 5GameCube successor

6 Result

7Actress Thompson of “Creed”

8It's totally corny

9Step in origami

10 Educationa­l forum

11Gave a thumbs-down

12 “Whaddya mean?”

13Kind of keyboard

14Setting for some postrun refreshmen­ts?

15____ Barbarino, John Travolta's role on “Welcome Back, Kotter”

16 Heretofore

17Car that Brits call a “saloon”

19 Mascara mishap

23 Proctor's pronouncem­ent

24____ Lingus

29The “Do” in “Do-Re-Mi”

32Went under

33Asia's disappeari­ng ____ Sea

34Old yeller?

35 Bamboozles

36Having two equal sides

37Behaved like the lion in Oz

40 Caribbean musical genre

42Long quest

43Roth ____

44It's involved in kissing and telling

46 Wheelless vehicle

48Hint to the number of ingredient­s in Triscuits

49 Web-page code

50Allowed to be borrowed

52Puts the pedal to the metal

53Spanish salutation

54They might come out of the woodwork

58U.S. fair-hiring inits.

59“We doin' this?”

60Eleven, in El Salvador

63It might be a stretch

64Olive ____ of “Popeye”

66Pack of dogs?

67Man's name that becomes a distance if you move the first letter to the end

68Sponge feature

70 Ridiculous­ly

71Bean variety

72Have over

75 Erupt

78[Forehead palm smack]

81Corp. shuffle

82____ Max, singer of the 2018 hit “Sweet but Psycho”

83Neighbor of Md.

85 Non-stereo

86Button on social media

88Leo, for one

90 Swear

91Do some engraving

93 “SportsCent­er” anchor Linda

94 Swears

95 Knocking onomatopoe­ia

98Like a comeuppanc­e, perhaps

99“Lemme, lemme!”

101Ancient Greek area north of Thessaly

103 Color-blending technique

104Title for a French priest

105 Lasting bad memories, so to speak

106 Got tagged

107 Anxiety condition, for short

108Open, as a toothpaste tube

109Garden statuette

114 Long

115Express-lane unit

116 Quilter's line

117Current event?

119____ vs. ____ (Mad strip)

121Paul ou Paulette 122 Fix

 ?? ??

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