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National Nutrition MONTH


A well-balanced meal is the cornerston­e of good health. While it’s common knowledge that what we eat can impact physical wellness, studies show that diet has a direct effect on mental health.

Do you check off any of the Nutrition Safety Checklist Boxes? If so, Pearl & Pine wants be there for you!

March is National Nutrition Month, and is a good opportunit­y to take stock of your eating habits and the barriers that might be preventing you from accessing fulfilling meals. It’s natural that our needs, preference­s and abilities change as we get older, and there is no reason to sacrifice the pleasures and comforts of a good meal. If you check off one or more items on the enclosed list, it might be time to consider a change.

At Pearl & Pine Retirement Residence, our Red Seal Executive chef creates unique menus so that every meal becomes a dining experience. Try the AAA 6oz Tenderloin made with aged Alberta beef, or baked salmon with a leek reduction. Our menus change seasonally, ensuring that we use the freshest, most delicious ingredient­s, and we build our options around resident feedback and suggestion­s to make sure you’re satisfied with every meal.

In between the three freshly prepared daily meals, Pearl and Pine also boasts an onsite bistro with a coffee and tea service, and every suite is provided with a kitchenett­e. We understand that food should be a source of joy in your life—not an added stress.

Currently, Pearl & Pine Retirement offers Respite and Trial Stay Programs, a low-commitment all-inclusive resort-style way to experience living in a retirement residence. Come try it out, and see how easy and comfortabl­e your life can be. Call Leigh Anne today to learn more – 905-633-8300. Limited suites available.

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