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Quebec treat sweet reward for Oscar nominees


Some of Hollywood’s top actors and directors are getting a treat made exclusivel­y in Quebec to sweeten their Oscar night victories — or make bitter losses a little easier to swallow.

Sagar, a fine, fluffy sugar derived from maple sap produced in the province, is one of the dozens of luxury goodies top acting and directing nominees are set to receive from Los Angeles marketing agency Distinctiv­e Assets.

Though not affiliated with the awards ceremony, the company’s opulent “Everyone Wins” gift bags have become a curiosity of the annual Oscars fanfare, successful­ly stirring media buzz and inspiring countless tabloid appraisals.

In a February news release, Distinctiv­e Assets teases a U.S. dollar value for the bags numbering in the six figures.

Agency founder Lash Fary serves as arbiter of gifts.

He boasts on social media about his power to choose both the contents and recipients of the coveted packages.

This year, the Sagar Experience from Quebec maple producer Érablière F. Carrier won his favour. Now, the likes of Danielle Brooks, America Ferrera and Mark Ruffalo are set to get a sample of the product worth around $1,300, says Samuel Busque of Orion Suppliers, the company behind the Sagar Experience marketing campaign.

He said the concept for the sugar was to create a luxury item with internatio­nal appeal rooted in Quebec history and tradition.

“We still find that, in Quebec, we don’t use enough of our exoticism and our products to explain and to show to the rest of the world how exclusive we are and what kind of luxury stuff that we can have,” Busque said in an interview.

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