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Brant’s top public-sector earners from 2023 are from health-care field

School board employees, pair of fire chiefs were also well represente­d on list of top earners


Brantford-Brant’s top five publicsect­or earners in 2023 were employees of Brant Community Healthcare System (BCHS) and Brant County Health Unit (BCHU), according to the disclosure released last week by the province.

Dr. Anirudh Goel, chief of staff and vice-president of medical affairs for BCHS, topped the “sunshine list” for the area at $370,187, a nearly 23 per cent bump from the $301,737 in salary and taxable benefits he made in 2022.

Goel transition­ed into his current role in 2021, but has worked at the organizati­on since 2017, according to his BCHS profile.

The disclosure also highlighte­d some of the recent high-level changes taking place at both health-care organizati­ons, with Jo Ann Tober retiring from her role as CEO of BCHU in June of 2022 — yet still managing to bring in the second-highest public sector earnings for the area for 2023 — and David McNeil retiring from his role as president of BCHS.

The Spectator reached out to BCHU for clarificat­ion on Tober’s $333,345 earnings, however, Gary Williams, director of communicat­ions, said “specific informatio­n” pertaining to current and former employees is confidenti­al, beyond what must be provided in compliance with the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act.

Brantford-Brant’s Top 5

1. Dr. Anirudh Goel, vice-president of BCHS, $370,187

2. Jo Ann Tober, retired CEO of BCHU, $333,345

3. Dr. Katherine Chorneyko, laboratory medical director at BCHS, $322,483

4. Dr. Tom Szakacs, infectious disease consultant at BCHS, $318,931

5. Dr. Ann Hall, pathologis­t at BCHS, $311,897

County of Brant Top 5

The County of Brant had 97 employees on the payroll earning more than $100,000, nearly half of them (40) paramedics.

Pay went to two fire chiefs in Brant County in 2023 — former chief Geoff Hayman received $167,349, despite Darren Watson taking over the job in March 2023, making $136,141.

When The Spectator asked for clarificat­ion, Suzie Keczan, director of communicat­ions and public relations for the county, said they are unable to provide additional details, as it is “a confidenti­al employee relations matter involving Mr. Hayman and our organizati­on.”

1. Alison Newton, chief administra­tive officer, $189,114

2. Robert Walton, general manager of operations, $176,450

3. Jyoti Zuidema, solicitor and corporate counsel, $172,730

4. Cindy Stevenson, general manager of emergency and protective services, $172,730

5. Geoff Hayman, former fire chief, $167,348

Other county notables Pam Duesling,

1. general manager of developmen­t services, $166,652

2. Russell King, chief of BrantBrant­ford Paramedic Services, $159,134

3. Kelly Bernstein, CEO of County of Brant Public Library, $146,458

4. Darren Watson, fire chief, $136,141

5. Will Bouma, MPP for BrantfordB­rant, $133,057

6. David Bailey, mayor, $103,877

City of Brantford Top 5

The City of Brantford had 403 employees on the list, 166 of them in law enforcemen­t.

1. Brian Hutchings, chief administra­tive officer, $265,438

2. Robert Davis, police chief, $258,188

3. Jason Saunders, deputy police chief, $217,828

4. Heidi De Vries, general manager of people, legislated services and planning, $212,128

5. Jason Barber, plaincloth­es police sergeant, $206,589

Other Brantford notables

1. Inderjit Hans, commission­er of public works, $203,111

2. Todd Binkley, fire chief, $195,471

3. Joelle Daniels, commission­er of corporate services and city treasurer, $194,660

4. Scott Hall, IT director, $181,124

5. Kevin Davis, mayor, $126,864

Highest earners in their profession

Highest paid registered nurse, BCHS, $220,965

Highest paid police constable, City of Brantford, $192,305

Highest paid teacher, Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board (BHNCDSB), $190,564

Highest paid firefighte­r, City of Brantford, $161,284

Highest paid primary care paramedic, County of Brant, $127,288

Highest paid registered practical nurse, BCHS, $125,675

Highest paid advanced care paramedic, County of Brant, $118,070

Notables in education

At the Grand Erie District School Board (GEDSB), 1,065 employees were making over $100,000. At the BHNCDSB, 447 employees made the list — with two secondary teachers nearing the $200,000 mark.

While Wilfrid Laurier and Conestoga have campuses in Brantford, the presidents topping this list oversee campuses across multiple cities in Ontario.

1. John Tibbits, president of Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, $497,635

2. Deborah MacLatchy, president of Wilfrid Laurier University, $362,741

3. JoAnna Roberto, director of education for GEDSB, $234,050

4. Michael McDonald, director of education and secretary for BHNCDSB, $209,224

5. Megan Robinson, unit manager of community services for Six Nations Polytechni­c, $113,719

Notables in health

Brent Richardson stepped into the CEO role at BCHU on June 9, 2022, and received almost $100,000 less in 2023 than retired CEO Tober did.

BCHS had two presidents on the payroll last year. When McNeil retired from his role in June 2023, Erin Sleeth stepped from chief human resources officer into the role of interim president and CEO.

1. Erin Sleeth, president of BCHS, $307,122

2. Dr. Rebecca Comley, medical officer of health for BCHU, $256,494

3. Deepani (Dee) Perera, vice-president at BCHS, $246,171

4. Brent Richardson, CEO at BCHU, $239,247

5. David McNeil, president at BCHS, $233,455

Other Brantford-Brant notables

1. Manuel Figueiredo, president and CEO of YMCA Of Hamilton/ Burlington/Brantford, $262,801

2. Cristin Ladner, executive director of Community Living Brant, $152,211

3. Michael Benin, executive director of Canadian Mental Health Associatio­n Brant-Haldimand-Norfolk Branch, $148,395

4. Maria Fortunato, executive director of Hamilton Halton Brant Regional Tourism Associatio­n, $146,282


 ?? ?? Dr. Anirudh Goel, chief of staff and vice-president of medical affairs for BCHS, topped the “sunshine list” for the area.
Dr. Anirudh Goel, chief of staff and vice-president of medical affairs for BCHS, topped the “sunshine list” for the area.
 ?? ?? Brian Hutchings topped the City of Brantford’s payroll in 2023 as chief administra­tive officer.
Brian Hutchings topped the City of Brantford’s payroll in 2023 as chief administra­tive officer.
 ?? ?? Will Bouma, MPP for BrantfordB­rant, made the “sunshine list.”
Will Bouma, MPP for BrantfordB­rant, made the “sunshine list.”

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