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We need to lead by example


Re: Ford pleads with Trudeau to ditch the carbon levy (April 2)

Naturally, we hate taxes and they evoke strong negative emotions. That, however, creates a problem because, when people have negative emotions, they stop thinking. If you have doubts about that point, just look back on your own experience­s with negative emotions like anger, anxiety or frustratio­n; out of that gloom was there ever a single action or decision made that was constructi­ve, positive or beneficial to anyone? I’ve done this exercise and I cannot come up with one, not a single one.

Looking solely at the financials, yes we incur the cost of this tax, but to the great shame of so many of our leaders who badmouth the tax, barely any mention is made of the incentive payment we also receive. An individual gets $488 per year and a family of four would get $976. For 80 per cent of Ontarians, this cash amount exceeds what we pay out, so we end up ahead of the game. What’s to complain about there?

A valid point has been made that Canada’s emissions are so small that reducing them cannot make a difference to the world’s environmen­t. No dispute there, except that, to make a coarse analogy, with a neighbour who allows weeds and litter to accumulate on their lawn, does that mean we should not maintain ours? There is a point of pride in doing the right thing and proving ourselves to be leaders by example. This creates hope that others will clean up their act, too.

So, yeah, I hate paying taxes. But this one I can do. Emil Andrew Sekerak, Beamsville

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