The Hamilton Spectator


- By Spencer Leach, edited by Joel Fagliano


1“Let me repeat ... “

6 Musical speeds

11When repeated, a cry of approval

15 Like many creatures in modern sci-fi movies, for short

18 Light wood

19 Cross figure

20 New Jersey's Sea ____ City

21Spot for a shot

22 Spook some creatures in an aquarium's touch tank?

24 Fiery matches?

26 Band with the 1994 hit “What's the Frequency, Kenneth?”

27 Some vocal solos

28 In the style of

30“Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” playwright Edward

31Bad material for a silk purse, proverbial­ly

33Deliver a blow to Dracula?

37With “the,” a sudden flip from attraction to disgust, in modern parlance

38 Brand whose stock price increased

50 percent in the first six months of 2020

40Blooms named for their shape

41 Set of selections

43 “You sure?”

44 Before

45No. calculated from letters

47 References a Vatican Library source?

49Went down a slippery slope

50____ Palmas, Canary Islands

51Kind of history

52About, on a memo

53 Certain Ivy Leaguer

54 Support

55 “Forget it!”

57Welcomes at the door

59 Tender spots

60 Referees a Tennessee football game poorly?

64Common pet fish

67 Superlativ­e held by the Atacama Desert

68 “Barry” or “Ballers”

72 Stadium sounds

73 Plain

74Cap's place

76It might be a stretch

77Suffix with Manhattan or meteor

78 Fortitude

79Write an ode to a caffeinate­d soda?

82 Airport abbr.

83 Addresses online

84Sound unit found in many Asian languages

85Nip and tuck, so to speak

86Like some teas

88Kind of edition with bonus tracks, perhaps

89 Stadium cheer

90Start preparing borscht?

92 Fully commit

96 Court cry

97Garnet is its birthstone: Abbr.

98 Sculpting stuff

99Super ____ (GameCube predecesso­r)

101“Bather in the Woods” painter

104Make smash burgers?

108 Pretty cool stuff

109Burn a little

110Decides that one will

111 Major artery

112____ cha beef (Chinese dish)

113Jumped over, as a checkers piece

114 Michelange­lo work whose name translates to “compassion”

115 Suddenly think of


1 Letter-shaped support piece

2 Certain corporate department

3 Mission San Antonio de Valero, more familiarly

4 Neighbor of Leb.

5World's oldest capital city, settled in the third millennium B.C.

6Taylor Swift song that begins, “Combat, I'm ready for combat”

7Makes a gaffe

8 “Mamma ____!”

9 “Gangnam Style” rapper

10 Comment from someone exiting the mall on Black Friday

11 Pedal-operated instrument

12That, in Toledo

13Umbrella term for eboys or goth girls

14 Struck out

15 Stealthy criminal

16 City feature that's been found to improve mental health

17“None for me, thanks”

19Kind of seeds in a healthful smoothie

23 Footslog

25 Balm ingredient

29____ Luthor, nemesis of Superman

32Vintage restaurant items?

33Spoil, with “on”

34 Git

35“Just a little longer!”

36 Lauder of cosmetics

39Do some light work on?

41 Barcelona museum subject

42 H's on some college houses

43“The Lorax” setting

44 Actress Cravalho who voiced Moana

46 Doesn't just assume

47 Swindle

48 Wedding-cake layer

49 Survive

53 Chuck, slangily

54Final phase of a video game, perhaps

56 Big name in records

57 [Actually, don't change that]

58Sounds of doubt

59 ____-Caps (candy)

61Birds known for their loud, complex songs

62 Royal title

63Assist in a crime

64 Gooey pairing with fig jam

65 Economic-justice catchphras­e

66Its water is nearly 10 times saltier than ocean water

69 Animal product

70 Foreboding sign

71 “Impressive!”

73Who cries, “You get a car, you get a car!” in a viral meme

74Toy brand for a budding engineer, maybe

75“I don't like that,” in Spanish

78 Take away

79 Police captain on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”

80 Burden

81Enthusia­stic agreement

84Genre for many a boy band

87GPS suggestion­s: Abbr.

88Part of the D.O.J.

89It's a four-letter word, aptly

90Neighbor­s of the Navajos

91One-named singer born in Reykjavik

93What Ove's name was changed to for the American film adaptation of “A Man Called Ove”

94 Like neon

95 “Groovy!”

98 Sibilant summons

100“South Park” boy

102Density symbol, in engineerin­g

1031990s Indian prime minister

105Sch. in N.Y.

106 Quebec's Festival d'____

107“You're accusing me?!”

 ?? ??

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