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Kohan, Patterson return as father-daughter duo in Season 2 of ‘Sullivan’s Crossing’

- By Dana Simpson

After nearly one full year on hiatus following the show’s Season 1 premiere, fans of “Sullivan’s Crossing” are delighted to learn that the series returns to CTV this spring. Officially making its comeback Sunday, April 14, in a special time-slot, the smalltown drama from the team behind “Virgin River” moves back into its regular time-slot the following week, April 21, where it is scheduled to remain for the rest of the season.

Dubbed the “most-watched Canadian drama of the 202223 broadcast season” by CTV, “Sullivan’s Crossing” is based on and adapted from a series of novels by New York Times bestsellin­g author Robyn Carr. Although Carr is involved in the series from a source-material consultati­on and production standpoint, the show’s creator and showrunner is “Virgin River” executive producer Roma Roth, also known for her work on various crime-based TV movies.

Filmed amid the deep green foliage and crisp blue waters of the Nova Scotian countrysid­e, “Sullivan’s Crossing” took a slightly longer-than-usual break between seasons and made its debut stateside on The CW in October 2023. And, now that both countries are caught up on the goings on in the quaint Canadian town of Sullivan’s Crossing, it’s time for Season 2 to pick up where the previous season left off.

“Sullivan’s Crossing” stars British Columbia native Morgan Kohan (“When Hope Calls”) as Boston-based neurosurge­on Maggie Sullivan, who must return home to the town that shares her last name following a string of legal troubles regarding some questionab­le profession­al actions for which she was arrested. Feeling low and forced to start back at her “ground zero,” Maggie ultimately decides to stick it out at home in Sullivan’s Crossing, N.S., with her dad, Sully (Scott Patterson, “Gilmore Girls”) — although, Sully’s good-looking assistant Cal (Chad Michael Murray, “One Tree Hill”) may have sweetened the pot a touch for her, too.

Following the 10 hour-long episodes in Season 1, “Sullivan’s Crossing” returns April 14 with the first of another 10 episodes. Picking up where the previous season left off, it is imperative that any readers who have not yet finished Season 1 stop reading now to avoid spoiling the plot for themselves.

As Season 2 opens with the episode titled “Guilt Trip,” viewers are reintroduc­ed to Maggie, who may have been forced to stay in her hometown after just having returned to Boston to face the looming wrongful death suit in court. While in Season 1, Maggie was recovering from a profession­al trauma and needed her father, this time around it is an ailing Sully who comes to need his daughter more than ever.

Clearly in distress throughout the premiere season and suffering a string of headaches with no apparent cause, Sully had a flashback at the end of the Season 1 finale, titled “Sins of the Father,” which revealed his involvemen­t in Lola’s (Amalia Williamson, “Northern Rescue”) hit and run accident the day Maggie first left Sullivan’s Crossing. According to a CTV news release, Season 2 begins with “a guilt-ridden Maggie return[ing] to the Crossing to find Sully in hospital, struggling with the feeling that he’s forgotten something.”

As we learn, Sully’s flashback was associated with a stroke that has landed him on a road to recovery that will surely not be an easy one. To make matters more complicate­d, Maggie continues to fight her burgeoning feelings for Cal and “struggles to come to terms with the realities of her pregnancy and the impact it may have on her career.”

Meanwhile, per the same CTV synopsis, Cal “is confused when Maggie gives him the cold shoulder, unaware that Lola pocketed his goodbye letter, [and] Sully connects with a new patient who is sharing his hospital room.”

As for other characters and their progressio­n into Season 2, CTV notes that “Edna [Andrea Menard, ‘Blackstone’] and Frank [Tom Jackson, ‘North of 60’] find themselves at odds for the first time in years,” while “Sydney [Lindura, ‘Dangerous Rumors,’ 2023] and Rafe [Dakota Taylor, ‘Zero Chill’] struggle to keep things platonic while living as roommates.”

Returning to “Sullivan’s Crossing” this season alongside the aforementi­oned cast are Lauren Hammersley (“Virgin River”) as Connie Boyle, Peter Outerbridg­e (“Designated Survivor”) as Walter Lancaster, Reid Price (“The Sinner”) as Rob Shandon, and former “Republic of Doyle” co-stars Lynda Boyd and Allan Hawko as Phoebe Lancaster and Andrew Matthews, respective­ly.

Peter MacNeill (“Queer as Folk”), Joel Thomas Hynes (“Orphan Black”), Meghan Ory (“Chesapeake Shores”) and Jayne Eastwood (“Workin’ Moms”), meanwhile, appear in guest-starring roles, as Michelle Nolden (“Heartland”) and Cindy Sampson (“Private Eyes”) join the cast as salon owner Alysa Mackenzie and Jane, “a divorced mom with eyes for Rob” (per CTV).

Take a long-awaited trip back to rural Nova Scotia this spring and catch the Season 2 premiere of “Sullivan’s Crossing” when it airs Sunday, April 14, on CTV and the CTV app.

 ?? ?? Morgan Kohan stars in “Sullivan’s Crossing”
Morgan Kohan stars in “Sullivan’s Crossing”

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