The dis­like be­tween the Bru­ins and Cana­di­ens goes back a cen­tury

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WHEN THE BRU­INS MET the Mon­treal Cana­di­ens for Game 5 of their sec­ond-round play­off se­ries last spring, it marked the 900th time the two teams have squared off. And we use the term “squared off” lit­er­ally, since that’s usu­ally what they do when they play one another.

The ri­valry goes back to the Bru­ins in­cep­tion 91 years ago, but much of it ger­mi­nated dur­ing the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s when the Cana­di­ens dom­i­nated the Bru­ins. To be sure, Bos­ton fans hate the Cana­di­ens far more than the Cana­di­ens hate the Bru­ins. After all, who doesn’t love his lit­tle brother, even though he beats on the guy all the time?

If you need af­fir­ma­tion of the hate the Bru­ins have for


the Habs, just watch last year’s play­off se­ries and see the pitch­forks fly. It was a se­ries chock with das­tardly deeds, from wa­ter bot­tle squirts to sticks to the junk. And it went the dis­tance be­fore the Cana­di­ens won. The ri­valry has evened out in re­cent years as the Bru­ins im­proved. But there will al­ways be fire­works.

The two teams meet Oct. 16, Nov. 13, Nov. 22 and Feb. 8.


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