Fan­tasy scor­ing sys­tems of­ten skew player val­ues, mak­ing real-life war­riors worth less and sec­ond-tier stars among the game’s elite

The Hockey News – Ultimate Pool Guide - - Contrarian Pick - BY DAR­RYL DOBBS

Thanks to the In­ter­net and ad­vanced stats, fan­tasy hockey has evolved to the point where it mim­ics re­al­ity. You can set line­ups daily, sign play­ers, go through free agency. You can even as­sign val­ues for newer stats such as hits, face­off wins and blocked shots. You can make it as com­pli­cated or as sim­pli- trHup­ta­ha­noen­tiNid­nrengero ssam­flrt­soeedeaurs­detc pttr he0ih­sen tfh­si­aua­colpynt?awseyt m’msr­tay­i­h­bli­tat­leyneay­mak­truegiseel­surtl aa iavefn­st­boa­sus­glri. yT ifleatoae­hy­db­nuae? eanaCee ds rfn­py­dase ln, aht­toiyh­paiene­ses,tsrNry­or­sie > JOHNNY BOYCHUK, BOS­TON – Boychuk does a bit of ev­ery­gilta be ahang nG huet oy Hl, ua no? ul, ldti rif ih htmc Hdry we­jLowuor, ci an­sil­bk­tltt’iapte­lal­nwaaoainbtnnoy­ee­wh­sent­munbegdsoeax­ootut­clieenyge?: oh- an thing, but not enough of any one stat. > ERIC BREWER, TAMPA BAY – One of the bet­ter shot-block­ers, but most leagues don’t count those yet. > ANDREW FER­ENCE, ED­MON­TON – His points are mod­est and he keeps his PIMs down. Oc­ca­sion­ally his plus/mi­nus can help. But in the real NHL, he makes mil­lions and has a Cup ring. > MIKE FISHER, NASHVILLE – As long as he’s in Mu­sic City, he’ll strug­gle to con­trib­ute 50 points. Fan­tasy own­ers will pass, but there’s not a team in the league that would turn down a valu­able two-way player like Mike Fisher. > MICHAEL FRO­LIK, WIN­NIPEG – Ac­quired to bol­ster the Jets up front, Fro­lik’s stats may spike this sea­son with more ice time. Re­gard­less, he’s an ef­fec­tive penalty killer and en­ergy guy. > JOSH GORGES, MON­TREAL – A valu­able dress­ing room guy. What’s the stat that mea­sures that? > COLIN GREEN­ING, OT­TAWA – Much like with Ab­delka­der, Green­ing has fan­tasy value if the league counts hits, but lit­tle value in other leagues. > JOHN MITCHELL, COLORADO – If 20 points con­sti­tute a ca­reer sea­son, poolies say “no thanks.” But the Avs are grate­ful. His hit to­tal (about two per game) makes him draftable in some leagues. fg­w­bPP­sour­loIhorMopBiownutey ssk­tsdr h ig­taien­snaerndsfa awelsa tip­ntl­n­meilult­ndeouapegm td- soaBm. tp­kPu­pe­sieeetn. n nd­nH­fuoo, sertrlrl ht­trtc eye­afeboorn­saml­rewy? itew, iesoIlu0stlMvhaieeiss­ndltxr w rrecam­bleoeayra­mwtp­stvcehlakb­ngseelwe rsaaof­siy trb frgwa toeas­esls tl­nTete h afleRaaaet­penanl­nall­wn­tk­taria: ytfe­cas­r­lyoalemdlvkypa eb, trasnouh- tin­ran in. r. zteiee sof­ssa a wgrro fss­cyo n Sln hee Po1u en sa sabat uo ab deale l a i h u

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os ta te eegl > JOEL WARD, WASH­ING­TON – His upside is in the high 30s for points and his PIM are mod­est. But the Caps are pay­ing him $3 mil­lion per year for a rea­son.

> ALEXANDRE BUR­ROWS, VAN­COU­VER – Con­sis­tent points, plus/mi­nus, shots and PIMs com­bine to make Bur­rows a top-100 pick in a lot of leagues. Not in the real NHL, though.

> DAVID CLARK­SON, TORONTO – His com­bi­na­tion of points (es­pe­cially goals), shots and PIM are rare enough to make him a val­ued fan­tasy piece. > STEVE DOWNIE, COLORADO – Downie is one of the top PIM/ game play­ers. That he pro­vides de­cent points is pure bonus. > PAS­CAL DUPUIS, PITTS­BURGH – Dupuis’ 38 points in 48 games and plus-31 are wor­thy of a top-20 fan­tasy player. He’s not a top 20 “real” player? > CHRIS KU­NITZ, PITTS­BURGH – GMs around the NHL don’t con­sider Ku­nitz a top-30 player, but watch how high he’s drafted in your league. > MATT MOUL­SON, N.Y. IS­LAN­DERS – An un­der­rated player in both fan­tasy and re­al­ity, but fan­tasy own­ers are catch­ing on. > STEVE OTT, BUF­FALO – See Downie, Steve. > MIKE RIBEIRO, PHOENIX – His 183 points over three sea­sons are 16th most in the league. > WAYNE SIM­MONDS, PHILADEL­PHIA – Sim­monds, Ott, Downie, Clark­son and Bur­rows are all drafted high for the same rea­son - the pre­cious points/penalty min­utes com­bi­na­tion. > JURI TLUSTY, CAROLINA – He’s top six in Carolina and al­ways has a Staal at his side.


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