The Hockey News : 2020-07-17

MALARKEY : 17 : 17


READY ENCORE FOR THE Jordan Binnington After years of struggling just to stick in the NHL, rode a rocket ship to the 2019 Stanley Cup. Instead of being content, he almost immediatel­y went back to work to improve his game – and his life – in an effort to lead his Blues to back-to-back titles hspisreoaf­fd-saeasstaoc­nkgofanlio­etceobaoco­hk,sB, ifnonldine­rgsAtonndp­yrCohmiopd­tloy, aspinolvds­ecr,”aplCehnido. a“dTroshseoa­nkidtion. Odthvoeefr­tpatebhnle­ew,naehnxedtn­phyorouudr­u-hacanevdde-aa-sphluaiclr­kf-, woBfihnhan­tiisndgsrt­uiolmlnsmt­hoeorkwstc­ohhueeldld­euadldeo:,inwphleioc­nthtihnaeg­reewavsoeu­rhyledswes­ckooauntle­dd, dfoacyusco­rinp,thedowthlr­onug hetr’dainspineg­ndcaomnpv. acation…each 17 | | PLAYOFF PREVIEW 2020 THE HOCKEY NEWS

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