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Do blow dry strate­gi­cally “I’m not a big fan of round brush­ing—I think it’s tor­tur­ous on the hair. I flip the head up­side down and blow the hair with a pad­dle brush in the re­verse di­rec­tion to wher­ever I want it to go, then I sweep it back.”

Don’t flat-iron your whole head “Con­cen­trate on what’s go­ing to be out: the tail and the top. Don’t spend much time on the rest of it. Blow ev­ery­thing straight and just flat-iron the part that is go­ing to hang out.”

Do add vol­ume with prod­uct “I use vol­ume spray and full­ness spray and dry it in— usu­ally I’ll put it all over be­cause I want all the hair to have that vol­ume. I don’t do much back­comb­ing— it isn’t re­ally nec­es­sary, and, if any­thing, I do it with a brush and not a comb. It’s called French lac­ing when you pile hair up with the brush; it doesn’t da­m­age your hair, and it’s very airy and full.”

Do place your pony with pur­pose “It’s re­ally im­por­tant with your pony­tail to de­cide where you want that line to go. If you comb the hair up from the jaw, it’s flat­ter­ing on ev­ery­one’s face.”

Do play with your pony

“Try ev­ery­thing! When­ever you’re in the bath­room just throw it up and see what it shows you.” Don’t make it too high

“I don’t usu­ally like it when you can see the pony­tail from the front. It’s a lit­tle too I Dream of Jean­nie. In most cases it’s a lit­tle chicer and sim­pler to see it in pro­file.”

WRAPPED PONY “This is the classic wrapit-around—it gives a bet­ter fin­ish.” RETRO PONY “This one is brushed straight back with a pom­padour fin­ish. I set the bot­tom for a kick—the curl is just in the tail.”

Do in­vest in hooked elas­tics

“I’m a big fan of hooked elas­tics as op­posed to stretchy ones be­cause those lose the taut­ness. But when you brush hair back and use hooked elas­tics, it stays with no mess.”

BOB-FRONT PONY “The pony is in the back so she can re­ally prance around. It’s man­nish, which is very her, but also fem­i­nine.” TWISTEDTWITWIST PONY “Once you have the struc­ture in there, you can do anythi any­thing, like turn it into a beau­ti­ful knot.”

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