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Find your per­fect shade

“Gen­er­ally, the fairer your skin and hair are, the bet­ter or­ange-based reds look on you. The darker you are, the more the blue-based or pink-based reds will look good on you. It’s the con­trast.” Make lipstick step one

“If you put your lipstick on be­fore you do the rest of your makeup, you can re­ally get a sense of, ‘Okay, that’s enough makeup.’” Go easy on the eye makeup “With bright lipstick, I tend to do less—maybe just a kitte­nesque liner and maybe a bit of light con­tour shadow.” Skip the brush

“I de­sign my lipstick so you can ap­ply it straight from the tube. I’m re­ally con­scious of how it goes on, how much trac­tion it has, the level of wax ver­sus pig­ment.”

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