“Start with a small amount of bronzer. You don’t want to look like you’re cov­ered in frost­ing or like a Jersey Shore ex­tra.”


Whether you’re offff to a much-an­tic­i­pated TIFF pre­miere in a leg-bar­ing gown or don­ning a sleeve­less shift for a glam din­ner party, you’re likely in need of an A-list­wor­thy glow— and fast. In­stant body bronzers are a perfect op­tion; un­like grad­ual self-tan­ners, they of­fer golden re­sults in min­utes. “They even out skin tone by min­i­miz­ing im­per­fec­tions and ad­ding a slightly deeper glow, which is very photo-friendly and great for HD cameras,” ex­plains Toronto makeup artist Sheri Stroh, who has worked with red car­pet reg­u­lars like Se­lena Gomez and Carly Rae Jepsen. “But,” she cau­tions, “a lit­tle goes a long way.” We asked Stroh to share her best body-bronz­ing tips.

1. Prep your skin “Use a mois­tur­iz­ing body scrub in the shower, pay­ing special at­ten­tion to dry ar­eas such as el­bows and knees. Then ap­ply mois­tur­izer to all ex­posed ar­eas. Once skin is hy­drated, ap­ply the bronzer with your hands. I keep a damp Body Blender sponge close, along with a large, fluffy makeup brush, to buff and blend ex­cess prod­uct and avoid streaks.” 2. Choose matte “Matte bronzers are great when your skin needs ex­tra help. They add more of a vel­vet fin­ish to the skin and hide im­per­fec­tions bet­ter than their shiny coun­ter­parts. Shim­mery lo­tions, while amaz­ing for ad­ding glow and di­men­sion, can some­times call at­ten­tion to blem­ishes and bumps, so they should be used more spar­ingly on these ar­eas. It’s best to have one of each so you can cre­ate your own cus­tom­ized fin­ish.”

3. Use a light hand “Start with a small amount of prod­uct. You don’t want to look like you’re cov­ered in frost­ing or like a Jersey Shore ex­tra. Also, don’t go think­ing that the more tan, the bet­ter. If you have a porce­lain skin tone, don’t buy a prod­uct for darker skin tones.”

4. Give it time “Ap­ply the prod­uct be­fore get­ting dressed so that it has some time to set. Some brands say they’re trans­fer-free but I al­ways ex­er­cise cau­tion.” 5. Clean it off “Use a body oil to re­ally break up the prod­uct and then rub it off with a wash­cloth. Then use soap or body wash, and keep nat­u­ral baby wipes on hand for any ar­eas that you may have missed.”

“Matte bronzers add more of a vel­vet fin­ish to the skin and hide im­per­fec­tions bet­ter than their shiny coun­ter­parts.”

Pené­lope Cruz per­fectly bronzed on the TIFF 2015 red car­pet.

This wa­ter-re­sis­tant bronz­ing lo­tion is perfect if you’re in a rush—it dries in a flash, doesn’t streak and has vir­tu­ally zero trans­fer onto fab­ric.


Start us­ing this self­tan­ning dry oil a few days be­fore your event. Free of DHA (found in most stinky self-tan­ners), it bronzes with a rasp­ber­ry­derived in­gre­di­ent. HAND CHEM­ISTRY GLOW OIL, $30, CHEMISTRYBRAND.COM

A beachy-scented body gel, this light­weight for­mula works best to blend in tan lines, but it can also be lay­ered for an over­all glow. BEN­E­FIT HOOLA ZERO TANLINES, $39, SHOP­PERS DRUG MART

This all-nat­u­ral tinted body lo­tion comes in five shades—all with a light shim­mer that blends in eas­ily for a sub­tle fin­ish. PRTTY PEAUSHUN SKIN TIGHT BODY LO­TION IN MEDIUM, $49, WAXON.CA

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