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Jes­sica Yik, an Avon In­de­pen­dent Rep­re­sen­ta­tive, shares her se­crets to be­com­ing an en­tre­pre­neur

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When Toronto-based Jes­sica Yik joined Avon in 2006, she was look­ing for a bet­ter way to pro­vide for her fam­ily, while also run­ning a small dance stu­dio. What she found was a ca­reer that al­lowed her flex­i­bil­ity— and boosted her con­fi­dence. “When you don’t have a boss to tell you what they ex­pect,” she ex­plains to­day, “you have to de­cide and take ac­tion your­self.” We asked Yik to share her story.

What led you to join Avon? “I grew up in a small town, and my par­ents ran a Chi­nese restau­rant. Grow­ing up in that busi­ness en­vi­ron­ment made a huge im­pact on me. Af­ter high school, I moved to Toronto to com­plete my BFA in Dance at York Univer­sity. I opened my own dance stu­dio and we were fi­nan­cially drained. I was look­ing for ways to bring in more in­come; my mom had been an Avon Rep­re­sen­ta­tive on the side while run­ning the restau­rant with my dad. Then coin­ci­den­tally, one of my dance stu­dents put me in con­tact with an in­cred­i­ble Avon Leader who pa­tiently an­swered all my ques­tions and got me started. I’ve cross-pro­moted my two busi­nesses, so they com­ple­ment and grow to­gether. Over the years, I’ve earned nine all- ex­pense-paid trips through Avon, where, on top of be­ing spoiled and pam­pered, they of­fered con­fer­ences with mo­ti­va­tional speak­ers. That train­ing has given me the tools to build my busi­ness and train my Rep­re­sen­ta­tives.”

What are some of the chal­lenges of be­ing an en­tre­pre­neur? “I once had a friend say to me, ‘I would love to work from home like you: It’s so easy.’ Wrong! I treat my Avon busi­ness just like my dance stu­dio. It isn’t al­ways smooth sail­ing. It takes a lot of work in the be­gin­ning and then a lot of main­te­nance. Be­ing your own boss means you must be will­ing to ad­just your usual way of life: You must be self-driven and keep in mind why you want to be an en­tre­pre­neur. If you are will­ing to per­sist and fo­cus then you will achieve what you want to do.”

What ad­vice would you give to some­one look­ing to find work/ life bal­ance? “Al­ways look for ways to work more ef­fi­ciently—the goal is al­ways to work smarter, not harder. Also, have your fam­ily in­volved with your busi­ness. My 2-year-old daugh­ter helps me put brochures in boxes and is my ‘ head of pub­lic re­la­tions.’ I can take my daugh­ter to my meet­ings and de­liv­er­ies so I can spend more time with her and she can learn to so­cial­ize with peo­ple. My hus­band al­ways en­cour­ages me to take the busi­ness to the next step. My par­ents also of­ten of­fer to take care of my daugh­ter dur­ing my busiest sea­son.”

What is the most sur­pris­ing thing you’ve learned about your­self? “That I am cre­at­ing my own bound­aries: If I am will­ing to go be­yond my com­fort zone, I can achieve any­thing I want to. Also, I am ca­pa­ble of much more than I have ever imag­ined.”

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