Ev­ery­thing you need to know about the lat­est, best sun­screens


Min­eral sun­screens have never been the most dis­creet (hello, chalky white cast) or user-friendly (great to see you, im­pos­si­ble-to-blend chunks) but they’re fast be­com­ing a pop­u­lar choice for those who want to avoid chem­i­cal sun­screen fil­ters.

In re­sponse to the de­mand, min­eral sun­screens have got­ten a makeover and they’ll be parad­ing their silky, sheer, blend­able new selves on beauty shelves this spring.

Tra­di­tion­ally, the in­gre­di­ents have been tricky to work with—pure ti­ta­nium diox­ide, for ex­am­ple, has a nat­u­ral white pig­ment re­spon­si­ble for leav­ing that chalky film on your skin. But tech­nol­ogy in­no­va­tions have al­lowed beauty brands to in­cor­po­rate the fil­ters more eas­ily into creams and lo­tions for bet­ter spread­abil­ity and feel. “We learn more ev­ery year, and we learned how to im­prove aes­thet­ics and UV pro­tec­tion,” says Naomi Furgiuele, lead

R& D for Neutrogena and Aveeno, both of which are launch­ing new min­eral for­mu­las this sea­son.

Whether they’re made with pure zinc, smaller par­ti­cles of zinc and ti­ta­nium diox­ide or in­no­va­tive ad­di­tions that help the fil­ters blend and dif­fuse, these are noth­ing like the pasty, glue-like for­mu­las of the past. Here are the new­est min­eral sun­screens on the block.

This so­phis­ti­cated sun­screen com­bines min­eral fil­ters with plant ex­tracts that also act as fil­ters ( karanja oil and a rice- de­rived com­pound) as well as a nat­u­ral in­frared fil­ter, co­ralline rose ex­tract, in an air­less pump. BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE...

This essence-like tinted liq­uid is so fast-ab­sorb­ing and barely de­tectable on skin that it will con­vert even the big­gest sun­screen skep­tic. GARNIER OMBRELLE UL­TRA LIGHT AD­VANCED TINTED LO­TION SPF 60, $28, DRUG­STORES

Us­ing the sci­en­tif ic equiv­a­lent of an In­sta­gram fil­ter on ti­ta­nium diox­ide to soften the fil­ter’s rep­u­ta­tion for chalk­i­ness, this sun­screen cre­ates an in­vis­i­ble shield. CLINIQUE MIN­ERAL SUN­SCREEN LO­TION FOR BODY SPF 30, $41, THEBAY.COM

This por­ta­ble com­pact evens out skin while it pro­tects and gives a glow that doesn’t veer into greasy ter­ri­tory, thanks to its pow­dery­but-not-matte fin­ish. BIODERMA PHOTODERM MIN­ERAL COM­PACT SPF 50+, $30, BEAUTYBOUTIQUE.CA

In­spired by Ja­panese “shaka- shaka” skin­care for­mu­las that you shake be­fore use, this water-in-oil emul­sion com­bines ti­ta­nium diox­ide, light oils and mat­ti­fy­ing talc to en­sure an even ap­pli­ca­tion. LA ROCHE-POSAY ANTHELIOS UL­TRA-FLUID BODY LO­TION SPF...

Pow­ered by pure zinc ox­ide and a patented in­gre­di­ent tech­nol­ogy called Pure­screen, this lo­tion slathers on clear and but­tery smooth. NEUTROGENA SHEER ZINC MIN­ERAL SUN­SCREEN SPF 50 BODY LO­TION, $16, DRUG­STORES

Packed with hy­drat­ing shea but­ter and skin-sooth­ing aloe, mak­ing it ideal for dry skin, this fra­grance-free for­mula is ve­gan and gluten-free. LIVE CLEAN FACE MIN­ERAL SUN­SCREEN LO­TION SPF 45, $17, SHOP­PERS DRUG MART

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