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The Labradorian - - SaltWire Homes - Sarah Nuna

A cou­ple years ago in the sum­mer, me and two friends of mine were go­ing for a late night drive.

It must’ve been like 2-3 a.m. and we de­cided to go to Sun­day Hill in North West River. We went where the big open­ing is where you could see the view. We parked there and turned the head­lights off with the win­dows down.

It was pitch black and all you could hear was the waves then all of a sud­den we heard whistling. I asked the oth­ers, ‘Did you hear that?’ and they said, ‘Yes.’ We all freaked out and left the place right away. Af­ter that we never drove there in the late nights ever again.

An­other was in the win­ter at the Women’s Shel­ter in She­shat­shiu. When I was a kid I would go with my mother to work on night shifts. We’d go get junk food and camp out in the liv­ing room when­ever there wasn’t any clients.

We were watch­ing TV and hav­ing our junk food, then all of a sud­den we heard a door han­dle rattle the back door. I got up right away and asked my mother if she heard it. She did, then we heard it again. I got so spooked out.

My Mom went to go check any­ways (there’s no way to go in the back door since there’s a fence in the back­yard, also there was a lock on the gate).

She still went to check so she went to the back win­dow to see if there was any­body there, but there wasn’t. She called the RCMP to check around the build­ing and they told her there weren’t any foot­prints any­where around the build­ing or on the drive­way.

I didn’t want to stay there since I heard those things be­cause that place is known to be haunted. Any­ways, my Dad came and picked me up and an­other

• Saun­ders St

• Com­mer­cial St

• Johnny Hill, Baikie Place

• Corte Real, Lower Mark­land

• Up­per Mark­land,

Cartwright Rd

• Ter­ring­ton Lane, Goose Ave

• Hamil­ton River Rd worker came in to stay the night with my Mom since she didn’t want to stay there alone. I never heard or ex­pe­ri­enced any­thing there again, but my mother would tell me sto­ries of what she ex­pe­ri­enced while I wasn’t there.

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