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The McGill Daily - - Contents - Talia Raven May Bell­rose

A yel­low house,

Noth­ing big, noth­ing fancy, it was more than I could ask for, and it was more than I needed,

And please be­lieve that I did ap­pre­ci­ate it,

Stuck be­tween a bor­ing life, and a coun­try life,

Life should have been so ap­a­thetic, so de­serted,

And it killed me know­ing I might never leave and see the world,

I de­spised, that fuck­ing hon­key ass white class town,

And I tried to run away, I tried to give you rea­sons to kick me out, to throw me out like trash to put me where I be­longed,

But to end life, was out of the ques­tion, like fa­ther like daugh­ter, so bare with me for the mo­ment to say good­bye,

Good­bye to my fa­ther’s re­mains, no more crawl­ing to your grave in the mid­dle of the night seek­ing com­fort and sal­va­tion

There’s so many lows in this life of mine, dad

De­feated at that times, tempted to cud­dle up with the wine bot­tle,

But you weren’t sup­pose to leave me at ten years of age and ev­ery once in a while I hear you whis­per “there, there my girl be strong”

So good­bye small town, good­bye hum­ble be­gin­nings,

And what the fuck was I think­ing?

I left home in such a rush that I for­got that I was too naive and fool­ish to be free at only six­teen

Lost in sor­row can’t let go of the pain feed­ing the ad­dic­tion, this wasn’t who I was meant to be, an­other low life In­dian

So I pushed friends away and I went back to the ba­sics, and I found my­self amongst the trees and along the river beds

This is peace, this is con­tent­ment,

And this is new, Mother Na­ture, Cre­ator, I be­lieve I fi­nally found you

So good­bye to my friends at the house of whites, God, Je­sus Christ!

It’s noth­ing per­sonal you see but it hurts to be brown and not feel a con­nec­tion

Too many ques­tions to have faith, to be faith­ful, no more com­mu­nion, no more wise tales, no more hor­ror, cause if you’re scared, you go to Church, I’ll proudly wear my sins on my skin

for­ever tagged and for­ever true

But this much I do know, ig­no­rance is bliss and the more I learn about hu­mans the more I need to dis­tance my­self from large groups,

Silly folks this isn’t Amer­ica, false dreams have you think­ing that life is about hav­ing it all, well I’m a broke ass In­dian that’s prob­a­bly richer than them all

And be­fore I say I know it all, I had to say mi­ig­wech (thank you) to my friends, to my fam­ily to my teach­ers and to my el­ders for show­ing me the how and why for in­stalling the tools of what

were taught and putting more ac­tion into thought

And like a spar­row, I’ll al­ways come back home but right now I still need to learn how to fly...

My name is Mi­igi­izikwe, it means Ea­gle Woman but i still feel like a girl

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