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Be­fore I get into the mis­ery sto­ries I’m go­ing to start with some­thing more pos­i­tive. Cal­i­for­nia has be­come the first state in the U.S. to man­date so­lar power on new homes and apart­ment build­ings built after Jan­uary 1, 2020. There will be some lee­way on devel­op­ments in shady ar­eas and there is al­ready a re­bate sys­tem for ex­ist­ing build­ings. Yes, it will likely push build costs up around US$12,000 but home­own­ers are es­ti­mated to save around US$80 a month on power. Cal­i­for­nia has al­ready said 50 per cent of elec­tric­ity must come from non-car­bon sources by 2030. Which is OK I guess as long as there is not job loss hu­man col­lat­eral dam­age.

U.S. Pres­i­dent Trump has lived up to his prom­ise and ditched the Iran nu­clear deal much to the dis­may of U.S. friends and al­lies. I don’t see how France, Ger­many and the UK can keep the deal alive with the U.S. work­ing against it. To me this looks like a win-win for Rus­sia as the U.S. drives a wedge be­tween its al­lies and sets Iran in a rage enough to drive it to get the bomb. Not that I trust Iran one jot, but the deal was the best hand from a bad deck. Trump looks to be go­ing out of his way to undo ev­ery­thing that Obama did and looks like tak­ing Amer­ica First to Amer­ica alone, not I think, a good way to go.

Iran has been op­er­at­ing in Syria for a while and now is butting heads with Is­rael. Trump rip­ping up the no-nu­clear deal has in my opin­ion, made the world a much more dan­ger­ous place to­day.

Trump has at­tacked the me­dia again de­spite his own fake record seem­ing to be far from great. The trou­ble is that his sup­port­ers believe it. Rep­e­ti­tion sells so I’ve been told.

Aside from more rev­e­la­tions from Stormy Daniel’s lawyer stat­ing that Trump’s for­mer at­tor­ney Co­hen re­ceived a lot of money from a Rus­sian bil­lion­aire with links to the Krem­lin, the of­fi­cial in­ves­ti­ga­tion seems to have gone quiet. Trump’s new lawyer Gi­u­liani looks to be al­ready strug­gling up from un­der the bus after his rev­e­la­tion on TV about the Daniel’s pay­ment by Co­hen were re­buffed by Trump.

It looks like Trump may meet North Korea’s leader. I would like to think that ev­ery­thing will work out, but North Korea has done this be­fore.

In Aus­tralia doc­tors are ring­ing the alarm bells over a de­bil­i­tat­ing HTLV-1 virus. I’ve read adult in­fec­tion rates are around the 40 per cent rate in re­mote parts of Cen­tral Aus­tralia. The dis­ease was dis­cov­ered around 40 years ago but looks to be much, much older, DNA of the dis­ease has been found in 1,500 mum­mies. Of course, there is no vac­cine, lit­tle or no re­search either from what I can gather. An­other case of phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal eco­nom­ics I guess, like Ebola was.

Now to your cof­fee. Ap­par­ently, a ro­bot barista by start-up Café X can make up to 120 cups of cof­fee an hour. The ro­bot is al­ready in use in two San Fran­cisco lo­ca­tions and there are plans to ex­pand. The ro­bot costs US25,000, there will be cor­po­ra­tions work­ing on the math I have no doubt.

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