Blue-green al­gae (cyanobac­te­ria) bloom ad­vi­sory is­sued for Isle Lake

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A blue- green al­gae ( cyanobac­te­ria) bloom has been iden­ti­fied in ar­eas of Isle Lake. Res­i­dents liv­ing near the shores of this lake, as well as vis­i­tors to this lake, are ad­vised to take the fol­low­ing pre­cau­tions:

• Avoid all con­tact with blue- green al­gae ( cyanobac­te­ria) blooms. If con­tact oc­curs, wash with tap wa­ter as soon as pos­si­ble.

• Do not swim or wade ( or al­low your pets to swim or wade) in any ar­eas where blue- green al­gae (cyanobac­te­ria) is vis­i­ble.

• Do not feed whole fish or fish trim­mings from this lake to your pets.

• Con­sider lim­it­ing hu­man con­sump­tion of whole fish and fish trim­mings from this lake, as it is known that fish may store tox­ins in their liver. (Peo­ple can safely con­sume fish fil­lets from this lake).

As al­ways, vis­i­tors and res­i­dents are re­minded to never drink or cook with un­treated wa­ter di­rectly from any recre­ational body of wa­ter, in­clud­ing Isle Lake, at any time. Boil­ing of this wa­ter will not re­move the tox­ins pro­duced by blue-green al­gae. An al­ter­nate source of drink­ing wa­ter should also be pro­vided for pets and live­stock, while this ad­vi­sory is ac­tive.

Blue-green al­gae is nat­u­rally oc­cur­ring, and often be­comes vis­i­ble when weather con­di­tions are calm. Ap­pear­ing like scum, grass clip­pings, fuzz or globs on the sur­face of wa­ter, blue-green al­gae can be blue-green, green­ish-brown, brown, and/or pink­ish-red, and often smell musty or grassy.

Peo­ple who come in con­tact with vis­i­ble blue- green al­gae or who in­gest wa­ter con­tain­ing blue-green al­gae may ex­pe­ri­ence skin ir­ri­ta­tion, rash, sore throat, sore red eyes, swollen lips, fever, nau­sea and vom­it­ing and/or di­ar­rhea. Symp­toms usu­ally ap­pear within one to three hours and re­solve in one to two days. Symp­toms in chil­dren are often more pro­nounced; how­ever, all hu­mans are at risk of these symp­toms.

Weather and wind con­di­tions can cause al­gae blooms to move from one lo­ca­tion in the lake to an­other. As such, this ad­vi­sory will re­main in ef­fect for Isle Lake, un­til fur­ther no­tice.

Please note that ar­eas of Isle Lake in which the blue-green al­gae bloom is NOT vis­i­ble can still be used for recre­ational pur­poses, even while this blue-green al­gae Health Ad­vi­sory is in place.

If you sus­pect a prob­lem re­lated to blue- green al­gae or if you re­quire fur­ther in­for­ma­tion on health con­cerns and blue-green al­gae, please call Health Link at 811. Ad­di­tional in­for­ma­tion is also avail­able on­line, at

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