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I watched U.S. Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump tour­ing the hur­ri­cane Florence stricken ar­eas. It looked like he was be­ing nice, hand­shakes, hugs and en­cour­age­ment, which is how it should be. One would like to think he’s been bit­ten by the pres­i­den­tial bug but I’m more in­clined to think he’s go­ing to have to play nice up to the mid-terms. I won­der if he can hold him­self in check? Novem­ber is a long way away and Trump and the Repub­li­can Party badly need some wins.

One way is peace in our time with North Korea. The South Korean leader looks to be do­ing a great job. I would love to be­lieve that North Korea is headed down the path of peace, de­nu­cle­ariza­tion and rec­on­cil­i­a­tion, af­ter all north and south are one peo­ple. How­ever, like many I sus­pect, I have trust is­sues. I don’t think Trump will be able to call this a win any­time soon but, bet­ter than be­fore, maybe.

On the thorny is­sue of NAFTA, I don’t be­lieve Canada should sign up to a bad deal just to meet a dead­line. Bad for the coun­try and po­lit­i­cal sui­cide. The rhetoric and ac­tions of some of our south­ern neigh­bours may get worse. If a fair deal for all shows up, then fine go for it. The clock is tick­ing for Congress and the new Mex­i­can ad­min­is­tra­tion may not like the deal they’re pre­sented with. The ap­point­ment of Brett Ka­vanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court was set to be one of Pres­i­dent Trump’s finest mo­ments. Not so much now, the sex­ual as­sault ac­cu­sa­tions, have thrown the whole process into tur­moil and it’s no­tice­able that Trump has not been quite so focal in his protests on this one. Win­ning or in­deed keep­ing the fe­male vote is key to the mid-terms and how­ever this plays out now it doesn’t look good. The let­ter in ques­tion has been around since July so it’s not a sur­prise to the in­ner cir­cles. Chris­tine Blasey Ford is call­ing for an FBI in­ves­ti­ga­tion be­fore she tes­ti­fies, that di­rec­tion must come from the Pres­i­dent. Steam rolling ahead will look bad and worse will be this poor lady be­ing grilled by a par­ti­san com­mit­tee. Maybe bet­ter to hold off and wait un­til af­ter the mid-terms. You never know, some­one else may come for­ward with more com­plaints.

Like NAFTA, Brexit is head­ing down to the wire and un­less there’s a real shift in po­si­tions I would not be sur­prised to see a, “no deal.” I would also not be sur­prised to see a new Prime Min­is­ter in the UK and the EU must be con­cerned that the new leader will be a lot less easy to deal with.

I read an ar­ti­cle on the BBC web­site re­cently. The writer did some dig­ging into U.S. fer­til­ity rates since the 2008 crash and was sur­prised to find around 4.8 mil­lion fewer births. Ap­par­ently, the trend is con­tin­u­ing. I won­der if that is re­flected around the world? The price of greed and cor­rup­tion. All those un­born souls and the ones that would come after­wards. Great peo­ple, nice peo­ple, nasty peo­ple and all that fall in-be­tween. Never to be born. What an ef­fect on time­lines for good or ill. And, for the bean coun­ters out there. How many lost, en­trepreneurs, sci­en­tists, doc­tors, con­sumers, tax pay­ers and more. Was it worth it? Is it worth it?

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