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When I was 16 I got my first pair of glasses. I had no idea that I was short sighted up un­til the time when I wanted a driver’s li­cence for a moped. Driv­ing li­cence ages are very dif­fer­ent in the UK. It’s 16 for a moped or light quad and 17 for a car. I have to say that I think few 14-year old’s are ready for the rigours and dan­gers of the road.

Any­way, my first pair of free Na­tional Health Ser­vice (NHS) glasses were thick black plas­tic frames. I hated them. Yet, many decades later they’re the height of fash­ion. I might still have them knock­ing around in a box some­where.

Last week my Grade 11 son told me that camo was the height of fash­ion. What? When I’m not at work and most times when I’m work­ing week­ends out and about I’m wear­ing a trusty pair of com­fort­able UK mil­i­tary com­bats. They’re loose, hard wear­ing, al­low a wide belt and have lots of pock­et­ses for all that stuff I have to carry around.

The last few days I’ve no­ticed TV ads with young peo­ple ca­vort­ing around in denim. Strewth, as they say in the UK. Again, the best part of 40 years ago that was my nor­mal out­fit. Com­fort­able denim shirts and jeans. Again, I still have some of that cloth­ing in drawer some­where. Sud­denly, my ca­sual wear has put me at the height of fash­ion.

I’ve never bought a lot of clothes. I want com­fort­able, prac­ti­cal and when the need arises ap­pro­pri­ate for the oc­ca­sion. Usu­ally, my fam­ily will buy me some­thing for a birth­day or Christ­mas gift if they think I need some­thing. I guess I’m the fash­ion in­dus­try’s night­mare.

Many of you I’m sure have seen the TV doc­u­men­taries about the cloth­ing in­dus­try the sweat shops and the waste. Per­fectly good gar­ments go­ing to the land­fill or even burned to pro­tect ma­jor brands. Even re­cy­cled gar­ments can end up in the land­fill and do­nated gar­ments can end up in a for­eign land on a mar­ket stall. And yet the TV and mag­a­zine ads push that we must have more. I’ve lived out of suit­cases for six months at a time with­out buy­ing any­thing new or look­ing out of place or scruffy. I’m not say­ing that we all have to do that but re­ally? Enough al­ready.

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