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Skull­dug­gery for Hal­loween

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June McInnes

The McLeod River Post

With Hal­loween wait­ing in the wings I thought id get a head start this week and prac­tise for the forth com­ing event. I’ve used the ba­sic bread recipe that we used last week as its a good na­tured and even-tem­pered dough that you can eas­ily work with. This project would be fun with your chil­dren or grand­chil­dren or any­one who likes a bit of in­no­cent fun.

I serve mine with hot tomato soup, even jam would look good, if I’m us­ing soup I put in a few small sausages in it to rep­re­sent in­testines, out kids loved it, you could also sprin­kle the bread dough with grated cheese or sprin­kle some on top of their soup for ex­tra taste.

I chose a skull and bones as it seemed fit­ting for this time of year, but you could mould it into what­ever you’d like. one of the fun things about this recipe is the bread dough swells dur­ing cook­ing caus­ing the bones to stick to­gether, so it feels ex­tra gory to be pulling him apart and de­vour him.

Ba­sic white loaf

1 1/2 cups of wa­ter

2 tbls of but­ter or mar­garine 1 tsp of salt

1 tbls of sugar

3 1/2 cups of All-pur­pose flour 3/4 tsp of yeast

Pre­heat oven to 350F Method

I add the wa­ter and salt, sugar and mar­garine to a lar­gish bowl, I then put in the flour and top if off with the yeast. I start to mix it all to­gether un­til I have a smooth elas­tic dough. I let this sit for about 40 mins to prove then I get it out of the bowl and knead it a kit­tle. I con­fess I do have a bread maker as I have arthri­tis I let it do the dough mix­ing for me, but I get it out of there and fin­ish the dough my­self.

Once your dough is ready hav­ing proved it a sec­ond time, (let­ting it rise) I put it on the ta­ble and lightly flour it to make it less sticky and eas­ier to work with, I then rolled it into and shaped it into the skull and then the bones and ar­ranged them around the head, I floured the tray be­fore hand to make it eas­ier to get them off there after bak­ing.

If you want to make your bread bones shiny, then whisk a lit­tle wa­ter into an egg white and paint that on all over the bread bones, be­fore bak­ing. I cooked mine at 350F un­til just brown.

Once cooked I put it on the ta­ble, still warm, for the kids to de­vour with soup in a mug. some­times I’ll put a small sausage in there to rep­re­sent in­testines, our chil­dren seemed to like that idea, it’s up to you.


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