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I’ve read lately that there have been more sight­ings of UFOs in the sky, peo­ple who in the past would have been locked up for be­ing crazy are now qui­etly be­ing lis­tened to.

I haven’t seen any my­self but lots of peo­ple, thou­sands and thou­sands of them swear they have seen them or have been ab­ducted by them and some go even fur­ther by say­ing they’ve had tests con­ducted on them by aliens.

Aliens, whether you be­lieve in them or not are a hot topic in a lot of books, mag­a­zines on­line ar­ti­cles, TV pro­grammes and of course films. Mil­lions of dol­lars are spent try­ing to make a con­vinc­ing mon­ster or alien for the films, the spe­cial ef­fects are stun­ning, and the films usu­ally turn out to be vis­ually ap­peal­ing to the masses, great.

What wor­ries me is if they are out there and they are real, and they are sup­pos­edly vastly su­pe­rior and in­tel­li­gent in ev­ery way and have come here to make con­tact with this back­ward lit­tle planet, why oh why do they al­ways go RARR, why can’t they speak to us or com­mu­ni­cate with us? Why not have a univer­sal trans­la­tor and talk ev­ery­thing out?

The soft side of me hopes that if they come to see us, they will be kind and will help us. That they will have a cure for the bad dis­eases here and dish it out, that we could be friends and all co-ex­ist. The other side of me wor­ries that be­cause man as a race is so stupid, he will try to de­stroy some­thing he doesn’t un­der­stand and will launch nu­clear weapons to fend off these vis­i­tors but dev­as­tate this world in the process. Or, like a lot of the plots in sci-fi films the aliens will want to use this plan­ets re­sources for them­selves, en­slave the en­tire world’s pop­u­la­tion or worse just evap­o­rate this beau­ti­ful green jewel like orb we call earth be­cause it’s in the way of a pro­posed in­ter ga­lac­tic high­way.

If there was ever a time for a su­per hero to step in and slip into his su­per hero lurex cos­tume, don his mask and get to it, ei­ther alone if pow­er­ful enough or with a group of his friends, now is the time, this is your mo­ment, we need you.

I don’t un­der­stand why man is reach­ing for Mars when he hasn’t fin­ished ex­plor­ing this planet, is it just greed or the need for space? Space to put more lit­ter and junk? An­other planet to ruin and use up, it sad­dens me deeply.

Ei­ther these sight­ings are new vis­i­tors, or they’ve been here all along and we’ve missed that fact. I don’t know to tell the truth and it’s up to you to make up your own mind on that one. Me, I’m stay­ing open minded and like al­ways hop­ing for the best. I’m a kind of the glass is half full kind of per­son, it an­noys my hus­band I know but I can’t help the way I’m wired, I’m al­ways stupidly op­ti­mistic and won’t give up try­ing if some­thing fails or needs re­plac­ing.

So, I guess I’ll be look­ing to the skies, search­ing for those fast­mov­ing lights that peo­ple say they see, maybe I’ll get lucky, who knows, maybe they can con­vince me they are real.

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