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Dur­ing its meet­ing on Nov. 6 Ed­son Town Coun­cil awarded the de­mo­li­tion contract for the Ed­son Rec Com­plex to Visco De­mo­li­tion Con­trac­tors Ltd. for a bud­get of $400,000.

A build­ing that was orig­i­nally thought to be worth $2 - $3 mil­lion dol­lars is now a $400,000 cost. I have to say that I think this whole process has been a sorry state of af­fairs since the get go. Failed sale, failed re­quest for pro­pos­als (RFP) for sale be­cause of pos­si­bly ex­pos­ing who knows how many peo­ple to as­bestos that was only flagged by an Oc­cu­pa­tional Health and Safety (OHS) in­spec­tion, failed to get the County on­board to help pay for de­mo­li­tion and I think too a colos­sal fail­ure to be trans­par­ent, even to the county, when more in­for­ma­tion was re­quested with the Town opt­ing for de­mo­li­tion in­stead. Why?

The funds for the de­mo­li­tion are to come from the Yel­low­head County – Town of Ed­son Rev­enue Shar­ing Agree­ment, which is kind of ironic since the County re­fused to pay for any of it. I am will­ing to bet that the County or its tax­pay­ers will be less than happy with that. I’ve seen the pic­tures in­cluded with the Town of Ed­son RFP for de­mo­li­tion. If they truly rep­re­sented the build­ing prior to or at the OHS in­volve­ment, then I can’t imag­ine how any main­te­nance regime could have missed the is­sues. Again, why?

We’ve al­ready seen with the re­cent Brett Kis­sel gig that Ed­son can fill a venue for a ma­jor act. Sure, the Rec Com­plex build­ing has prob­lems, the roof, the el­e­va­tor, the ice ma­chin­ery, as­bestos and doubt­less more but has the pub­lic been privy to a re­port break­ing down the num­bers for a fix up? I haven’t seen one. What would have been wrong with an “as is, where is” sale sub­ject to use con­di­tions?

So, what next? The contract with the de­mo­li­tion con­trac­tor stip­u­lated com­ple­tion by the end of March 2019, I’m guess­ing that it will be sooner that that. Then there will be a piece of devel­op­ment land/ park­ing lot. I’m as­sum­ing, of course, that this piece of land could be, will be, sold by the Town at mar­ket value to re­coup some or all of the cost of de­mo­li­tion?

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