Hodge Podge Keep­ing your cool by June McInnes

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My fam­ily say I’m a pa­tient per­son, I’ve said this be­fore, I’m not so sure about that but ok, thanks for the com­pli­ment, I try. How­ever to­day, mm­mmm to­day, that was a test for sure, I am sure if my hus­band had had these prob­lems, he would have been more than a lit­tle an­gry at the end of it, I ac­tu­ally sur­prised my­self to­day, here’s how it went...

Got up, made cof­fee, scaled my thumb, ouch, never mind just a nor­mal thing for me.

Drank cof­fee, poured a small amount in my night­stand drawer as I’d for­got­ten I’d taken out my di­ary to add a few things to it. It splashed just about ev­ery­thing it could in there and made it all sticky.. .had a shower, hit my in­step on the shower tray and brushed the un­der­side of the foot, I’ll get over it, af­ter dress­ing and putting my pants on back­ward (lucky I’m told) I went into the kitchen to cook some eggs for the fam­ily’s break­fast. Not too stren­u­ous, the eggs were cold, so they spat, and I am now sport­ing a nice line in red spat­ters down the side of my face, which smart, don’t worry I say to my­self, carry on...

I serve break­fast, do lunch­boxes, go back into my son to wake him up over six times, end up tak­ing him an egg sand­wich and a cof­fee to save time, make more cof­fee in a flask for my hubby to take to work and wave them off. Phew!

Hur­ray I thought, that’s over with, per­haps the rest of my morn­ing will go smoother, af­ter all it’s just me and our pets here now... we’ll was I wrong, I de­cided to make bread and I have a cou­ple of bread mak­ers that are sec­ond hand but they do the job just fine, they mix the bread and I fin­ish it, saves me and my arthri­tis a lot of strain, so off

I go, mea­sur­ing and pour­ing into these ma­chines. I wait for the warm up and turn the other one on the same time, so they fin­ish to­gether, what’s that sound? I look at my bread mak­ers and find one isn’t work­ing prop­erly, I re­al­ize it’s not go­ing around in time to the sounds. I turn it off and take out the pan, I plunge my clean hands into the bread mix, the pad­dle had come off and it’s in the dough some­where, I find it stuff it back on the spigot and hope for the best, nope, it won’t do it, I re­peat the pro­ce­dure, nope, I end up hav­ing to take the dough mix­ture, which isn’t mixed com­pletely out of the pan and wres­tle the pad­dle back on ( without the pad­dle the bread doesn’t get mixed) I got it on, put back the dough and re set the bread maker. Turned around and fell over our spaniel, flour ev­ery­where, dog look­ing like he’d been out­side in the snow, me do­ing the splits.

All in­ter­est­ing stuff, but I still wasn’t an­gry.

I made a cof­fee for me and got a dog­gie treat for the dog, he was as sur­prised as I was when I turned around and bar­relled over him. I took a small break and then went back to it. The bread maker was fi­nally hum­ming along with my dough, I knew what I was go­ing to cook for lunch and I needed to tidy down and wash up the kitchen. I opened the dish­washer and the shelf fell off its track, well that was in­vig­o­rat­ing, I had a few glasses in there and was now try­ing to stop them from fall­ing down and smash­ing. Even­tu­ally I got it back on, but not without a lot of heav­ing and huff­ing, but that’s the kind of morn­ing I’ve had

I’m still not cross or an­gry, it didn’t make me loose my cool ei­ther which is nice.

So many peo­ple to­day just seem to fly off the han­dle for the least lit­tle thing, I was sur­prised by my own calm­ness to­day, I would have thought that I’d ex­plode, but no, I didn’t. I sup­pose I am more pa­tient than I think I am, per­haps my fam­ily are right af­ter all.

We shall see, time to put some burn cream on my thumb and think about what to do for sup­per tonight. As al­ways, be nice to one an­other and try to be more pa­tient with oth­ers, es­pe­cially the old. Keep your cool.

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