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Ark Sur­vival Evolved is a sur­vival game if you haven’t guessed al­ready, you are stranded on an is­land in­hab­ited by pre­his­toric di­nosaurs and some myth­i­cal ones too.

Your Ob­jec­tive is to sur­vive by con­struct­ing a house and slowly learn­ing how to cre­ate new and im­proved equip­ment as you level up, how­ever you must cre­ate some weapons to de­fend your­self against the less friendly di­nosaurs. There is plenty to do and see in Ark from div­ing to the depths of the sea ex­plor­ing caves and see­ing the ex­otic life from An­gler­fish to Me­ga­lodons and even a Giant Squid. 2r if that doesn’t take your fancy then you can ex­plore the huge is­land that is over­flow­ing with many species of di­nosaurs from big to small, but if you are go­ing to ex­plore then make sure you can de­fend your­self as you are not al­ways the hunter.

Ark is a unique ex­pe­ri­ence, there have been many vari­a­tions of sur­vival of sur­vival games rang­ing from stranded on an is­land from a plane crash or to the clas­sic Zom­bie sur­vival. Ark brings some­thing new and cre­ative, bring­ing the fos­sils from the past to the present, which are sure to leave you in awe. There is not re­ally a story to fol­low in this, you wake up on an is­land and must sur­vive, how­ever there are boss’s you can fight once you have lo­cated the ar­ti­facts that are scat­tered all over the is­land.

This game is ba­si­cally a more in­ter­ac­tive ver­sion of Juras­sic Park, ex­pect it puts you out there with them and leaves you to fend for your­self. Ark, like many games has an on­line fea­ture which al­lows you to Moin a server with ran­dom peo­ple across the globe or if you rather, you can cre­ate a world with your friends and be­gin tam­ing di­nosaurs to cre­ate your own base to bat­tle the el­e­ments of the is­land as a team.

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