De­pres­sion and the Mod­ern World

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The grow­ing aware­ness of mental health in our so­ci­ety is a long time com­ing. We of­ten hear about chil­dren and young adults ex­pe­ri­enc­ing de­pres­sion, anx­i­ety, or other mental ill­nesses that af­fect them neg­a­tively. There are nu­mer­ous ar­ti­cles on the ad­verse ef­fects on chil­dren’s mental health and ef­fec­tive­ness of var­i­ous types of in­ter­ven­tions that have proven to be suc­cess­ful. As adults and par­ents, we can of­ten re­late to their life ex­pe­ri­ences and ex­pe­ri­ences and are re­spon­si­ble to some de­gree to cre­ate a so­ci­ety where we pro­mote healthy liv­ing a pos­i­tive en­vi­ron­ment. The risk fac­tors that af­fect chil­dren and mental health are: poverty, oc­cu­pa­tional dif­fi­cul­ties, poor par­ent-child com­mu­ni­ca­tion, and sub­stance abuse by par­ents, hos­tile parental be­hav­ior, and sin­gle-par­ent fam­ily si­t­u­a­tions. These risk fac­tors clearly have a com­mon theme of stress placed on the child dur­ing their for­ma­tive years. This can cre­ate be­havioural, mental, and so­cial changes in chil­dren that of­ten go un­di­ag­nosed and af­fect them through­out their adult life. Pos­i­tive Pre­ven­tive Fac­tors: •Warm and pos­i­tive parental re­la­tion­ship •Help that is eas­ily ac­ces­si­ble through im­medi- ate fam­ily •Sense of be­ing loved and re­spected by their par­ents •Pos­i­tive self-es­teem and peer re­la­tion­ships •In­ter­est in their school and the suc­cesses they face •Healthy en­gage­ment with adults and d chil­dren out­side the home •Parental em­ploy­ment •Par­ents who hold pos­i­tive and healthy re­la­tion­ships with oth­ers out­side the home Im­ple­ment­ing some rules and changes of be­hav­iors that re­late to the pos­i­tive fac­tors above can cre­ate mas­sive changes in your child. Hav­ing a house that re­flects these proven pos­i­tive pre­ven­tive fac­tors in­crease the like­li­hood that your child will be re­silient, pos­i­tive, healthy, and em­pa­thetic to oth­ers in their life. Let’s take this ap­proach to change our par­ent­ing where it needs help. The road won’t be easy and par­ents will of­ten face guilt, anger, sad­ness, fear, and anx­i­ety from their chil­dren. It’s im­por­tant to keep the end goal in mind of hav­ing your child’s best in­ter­est in mind. Em­power your­self to em­power your chil­dren. End the stigma with mental ill­nesses in our com­mu­ni­ties.

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