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Self-re­spect is cru­cial to self-care be­cause it pro­tects you from set­tling for less when you de­serve the best. This is toxic to how you view your­self and how you al­low oth­ers to treat you, your val­ues and your bound­aries. If you al­low oth­ers to tram­ple over your ex­pec­ta­tions con­stantly, you’re de­bas­ing your worth and chopping away at your self-es­teem. You might be afraid that if you have high stan­dards for your­self, peo­ple might per­ceive you as a high-main­te­nance per­son and even abandon you in the process. Let them. In fact, it’s prob­a­bly a good thing that they do abandon you and re­veal their true col­ors. At the end of the day, your opin­ion of your­self and what you de­serve is all that truly mat­ters in life. Hav­ing high stan­dards for your­self, your ca­reer and re­la­tion­ships pro­tects you inthe lon­grun. Think of things that fall below your-stan­dards as bad ex­pe­ri­ences. You’re not get­ting what you need and want out of it, but the per­son on the other side is. It’s not worth the investment if some­one else is ben­e­fit­ing from the pos­i­tive re­turn. Life is too short to waste your en­ergy by al­lo­cat­ing re­sources into goals that are not truly your own. Car­ing for our­selves means re­main­ing au­then­tic and rec­og­niz­ing our true pas­sions. Don’t be pres­sured into pick­ing a cer­tain ca­reer path just be­cause so­ci­ety says it’s the right one for you; don’t al­ways set­tle for crappy jobs just be­cause they’ll pay the rent; don’t pur­sue a ma­jor just be­cause of its fi­nan­cial re­wards un­less it’s some­thing that re- ally in­ter­ests you. Some­times you will have to make do with what you have in or­der to sur­vive, vive but be sure you’re still look­ing for ways to im­prove your­self and progress to some­thing bet­ter and some­thing that rep­re­sents your true self. For ex­am­ple, if you dream of writ­ing the next big screen­play, con­tinue work­ing on it when you have the time. Set­ting aside time to pur­sue your dreams is im­por­tant be­cause these are things no one can take away from you. You own the right to all of your dreams and the abil­ity to make them come to life. The key is to still be prac­ti­cal, but also to be pas­sion­ate. You were not meant to live this life do­ing just what is re­quired to sur­vive; you were meant to live life valu­ing your dreams. Don’t be afraid of fail­ure, be­cause fail­ure is a learn­ing ex­pe­ri­ence that will strengthen you and pre­pare you to do bet­ter in the fu­ture. Would you rather sit around and live in the re­gret of not know­ing what would’ve hap­pened if you had tried or would you rather lead an ex­cit­ing life by tak­ing on risks and chal­lenges that will ul­ti­mately leadyou to what you were meant to do It’s never late to start Liv­ing Your Dreams

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