Im­por­tance of Sleep

The Miracle - - Health - By: Khadija Nadeem Grade 6

Sleep plays a sig­nif­i­cant role in our phys­i­cal health. Sleep is in­volved in heal­ing and re­pair of your heart and blood ves­sels. Con­tin­ued sleep de­fi­ciency is linked to an in­creased link to heart dis­ease, kid­ney dis­ease, high blood pres­sure, di­a­betes and stroke. Sleep de­pri­va­tion can also af­fect how well you think, re­act, work, learn and get along with oth­ers. In so many ways sleep helps you. For ex­am­ple, it helps en­hance your learn­ing and prob­lem solv­ing skills. It also helps you pay at­ten­tion, make de­ci­sions and be cre­ative. Sleep de­fi­ciency can af­fect any one. It can af­fect a group of teenagers or full grown men. In fact, sleep de­pri­va­tion has caused about 100 000 car ac­ci­dents each year caus­ing about 1 500 deaths. Driv­ers aren’t the only ones af­fected though. Any­one in any line of work in­clud­ing health care work­ers, pi­lots, stu­dents, lawyers, me­chan­ics and assem­bly line work­ers. So I hope you get your sleep be­cause you need it ev­ery day for just about ev­ery­thing.

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