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Eid ul Azha is that time of the year when we get to eat Kaleji for break­fast, Mut­ton Biryani for Lunch, Steak, Chapli Ke­babs and Ni­hari for Din­ner. Yes! We all ac­tu­ally con­sume all this food in one day. This might sound a bit un­com­fort­able diet plan; but that’s what peo­ple love to en­joy on Eid. Eid ul Azha re­vives the spirit of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) Sun­nah, as Mus­lims all over the world sac­ri­fice their beloved an­i­mals in the name of Al­lah Almighty and dis­trib­ute meat among poor and needy. The con­sump­tion of meat on Eid day is usu­ally higher than usual days. Peo­ple pre­fer to eat Qur­bani meat as if they will never be able to eat it later.

Health Is­sues of Eid e Qur­ban

Ac­cord­ing to med­i­cal pro­fes­sion­als, 100 grams of meat con­sump­tion in one day is healthy but any­thing beyond that can be harm­ful. Eat­ing un­bal­anced diet on Eid ul Azha re­mains an is­sue for peo­ple as they rush to hospi­tal on the sec­ond day com­plain­ing about the stom­ach ache, high choles­terol, ir­reg­u­lar blood pres­sures, and lot more. Over eat­ing is the ma­jor cause of all health re­lated prob­lems. There is no doubt about the fact that Qur­bani meat is a bless­ing of Al­lah Almighty as it can help you to over­come pro­tein de­fi­ciency and red blood cells. How­ever, it fails to give you any ben­e­fit if you keep con­sum­ing it with spicy masala and cold drinks. Di­a­bet­ics and heart pa­tients should con­sult their doc­tors be­fore de­cid­ing to con­sume meat. Over con­sump­tion of meat can cause cal­cium de­fi­ciency. Qur­bani meat com­prises of more calo­ries than your reg­u­lar frozen meat, and there­fore it can cause in­di­ges­tion, and heav­i­ness.

Biryani, Qorma, Ni­hari and your in­no­cent Stom­ach

It be­comes re­ally hard to re­sist when you can smell Biryani from Kitchen or Fried Ke­babs in the pan. The hunger strikes hard and you wait for lunch or din­ner time ea­gerly to con­sume ev­ery­thing on the din­ing ta­ble. The Eid re­vives the spirit of food­ies as they love to eat all the Desi de­li­cious recipes with­out even think­ing how much they can ac­tu­ally stock in.

Bar Be Que Par­ties on the Roof Top!

Who doesn’t love Bar be Que? You can rarely point out that one or two bor­ing per­sons who do not be­lieve in mak­ing Bar be Que and en­joy­ing it with their fam­ily and friends. Usu­ally Bar be Que par­ties are held on Sec­ond or Third day of Eid af­ter the task of dis­tri­bu­tion of meat is com­pleted. Young­sters plan and in­vite their friends for ex­clu­sive bar­beque party at night. Ar­range­ments of Coal and Bar­beque stove is made in ad­vance, while moth­ers sup­ply the mar­i­nated beef and mut­ton. The party con­tin­ues overnight and is def­i­nitely one of the ma­jor high­lights of this Eid.

“Raan tow Sus­ral Jaygi”

No mar­ried man can deny this fact that Eid ul Azha is not com­plete un­less you de­liver Mut­ton or Beef Leg (Raan) to your in laws as a ges­ture of your love. The tra­di­tion of send­ing Raan to your Sis­ter’s house or to In-laws is present in Pak­istan since ages. No­body can even think of mak­ing any change in this tra­di­tion as the results can be crit­i­cal.

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