Hajj 2018

The Story of Hajj starts with an in­tro­duc­tion about b Prophet P h Ib Ibrahim hi or Abra­ham Ab h (pbuh)

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ABRA­HAM Abra­ham is a fig­ure revered b us ims ews an hris tians a i e as a right­eous er­son who ive over four thou­san ears ago. is stor can be foun in the ib e as we as the ur an the us im ho boo . bra­ham is con si ere to be the atri­ach of monothe­ism or be ief in the ne o who sought a

er­sona re ation­shi with his reator. e eft his na­tive cit of r in eso otamia af­ter voic­ing o os­i­tion to his eo e s o theis tic rac­tices an even­tua sett e in g t with his fami . ater he es­corte one of his wives a ar an their in­fant son shmai to a

eso ate va e in rabia an eft them there trust­ing in o s romise to care for them.

a ar con­cerne about fee ing her oung bab be­gan search­ing the sur­roun ings for foo an wa­ter. ccor ing the the ur an in res onse to a ar s ra ers a s ring mi racu ous gushe forth at shma i s feet to

uench their thirst. a ar c imbe nearb hi s search­ing for foo an oo ing for cara vans on the hori on. ven­tua some ass ing tra ers sto e in the va e an as e

a ar s er­mis­sion to wa­ter their came s.

n time the tra ers eci e to sett e in the itt e va ae e an n even­tua nt th the sett ement grew into the cit of a ah. bra­ham re turne from time to time to visit an when shma i was about thir­teen ears o he an shma i con­structe the at­bah an em t cube sha e bui ing as a ace e icate for the wor­shi of the ne o . ven­tua

a ah be­came an im or­tant tra ing ost b the time of ro het uhamma twent five hun­dred years later. AJJ

n com­mem­o­ra­tion of the tria s of bra­ham an his fami in a ah which inc u e Abra­ham’s will­ing­ness to sac­ri­fice his son in res onse to o s com­man us ims ma e a i grim­age to the sacre cit at east once in their life­time. The Hajj is one of the “five i ars of s am an thus an es­sen­tia art of us ims faith an rac­tice. us ims from a over the wor inc u ing the ana a trave to a ah in mo ern a

au i rabia . efore ar­riv­ing in the ho cit us ims en­ter a state of con­se­cra­tion

e ica­tion nown as ihram b re­mov­ing their wor othes an on­ning the hum b e at­tire of i grims two seam ess white sheets for men an sim e white resses an scarves for women. The white gar­ments are s mbo ic of hu­man e ua it an unit be­fore

o since a the i grims are resse simi ar . one an sta­tus no onger are a fac­tor for the i grims the e ua it of each er­son in the e es of o be­comes aramount.

on ar­riv­ing in a ah i grims er­form the ini­tia tawaf which is a circu ar counter c oc wise ro­ces­sion aroun the a bah. the whi e the state abba a ahumma

abba which means ere am at our ser­vice o ere am The tawaf is meant to awa en each us im s con­scious ness that o is the cen­ter of their rea it an the source of a mean­ing in ife an that each er­son s higher se f i en­tit erives from be­ing art of the com­mu­nit of us im be iev­ers nown as the ummah. i grims a so er­form the sa i which is hurr ing sev en times be­tween the sma hi s name afa an ar­wah reen­act­ing the ib ica an

ur­tanic stor of a ar s es er­ate search for ife­giv­ing wa­ter an foo . Next, on the first of­fi­cial day of Hajj (8th of

hu i ah the two mi ion i grims trave a few mi es to the ain of ina an cam there. rom ina i grims trave the fo ow­ing morn­ing to the ain of rafat where the s en the en­tire a in earnest su ica tion an evo­tion. That evening the i grims move an cam at u a ifa which is a site be­tween ina an rafat. us ims sta overnight and of­fer var­i­ous prayers there. Then the i grims re­turn to ina on the th an throw seven ebb es at a stone i ar that re re­sents the evi . This s mbo i es bra ham s throw­ing stones at atan when he tried to dis­suade Abra­ham from sac­ri­fic­ing his son. Then the pil­grims sac­ri­fice a sheep, reen­act­ing the stor of bra­ham who in place of his son, sac­ri­ficed a sheep that God ha rovi e as a sub­sti­tute. The meat from the s augh­tere shee is istribute for con sum tion to fami frien s an oor an nee eo e in the com­mu­nit . fter the sac­ri­fice, the pil­grims re­turn to Makkah to en the forma rites of ab er­form­ing a fi­nal tawaf and sa’i. us ims be ieve the rites of the a were es­igne b o an taught through ro het uhamma . us ims be ieve that since the time of am there have been thou­san s of prophets, in­clud­ing such well-known fig ures as oah bra­ham oses esus an David, and that Muham­mad was the fi­nal

ro het of o . The a is es­igne to eve o o con scious­ness an a sense of s ir­i­tua u ift ment. t is a so be ieve to be an o ortu nit to see for­give­ness of sins ac­cumu ate though­out ife. ro het uhamma ha sai that a er­son who er­forms a ro er wi re­turn as a new born bab free of a sins . The i grim­age a so enab es us lims from all around the world, of dif­fer­ent co ors an­guages races an eth­nic­i­ties to come to­gether in a s irit of uni­versa broth er­hoo an sis­ter­hoo to wor­shi the ne

o to­gether.

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