The Birth of a Na­tion

The Miracle - - 14th Aug Pak-Sp. -

On 14 Au­gust 1947, just 10 min­utes be­fore mid­night, All In­dia Ra­dio (AIR) broad­cast its last pro­gramme and there­after, a song com­posed by Khawaja Khur­shid An­war was aired by the La­hore ra­dio sta­tion. Then a minute be­fore mid­night a broad­cast (in English by Mr Za­hoor Ahmed and in Urdu by Mustapha ali Ha­madani) in­formed the await­ing lis­ten­ers that ex­actly at mid­night Pak­istan will emerge as an in­de­pen­dent state on the world map. Then at ex­actly at mid­night 14-15 Au­gust 1947, a broad­cast in English, fol­lowed by in Urdu reached the lis­ten­ers “This is Pak­istan Broad­cast­ing Ser­vice”. This broad­cast was fol­lowed by recita­tion of Holy Qu­ran (Su­rah Al Fatah 1-4) by Maulana Zahir al Qasmi. This was fol­lowed by a “na’at” by Muham­mad Azam Chishti, a “qaseeda” by Hafeez Ja­land­hari (later the ar­chi­tect of Pak­istan Na­tional An­them), an orches­tra com­posed by Khawaja Khur­shid An­war and a “qawwali” by San­too Khan and oth­ers.14 Au­gust 1947, a day in the his­tory when a new na­tion was carved out of the Bri­tish In­dia af­ter a long and tir­ing strug­gle of Mus­lims of In­dia. For years since 711 AD, when Muham­mad Bin Qasim in­vaded the In­dian sub-con­ti­nent, Mus­lims had been the rulers till sub­ju­gated by the Bri­tish in 1857. There­fore, the in­de­pen­dence in 1947 from the Bri­tish yoke was a God-given op­por­tu­nity to live as per the as­pi­ra­tions of Is­lamic val­ues. From 1947 till date, Pak­istan’s his­tory has seen many ups and downs, fi­nally los­ing half of it in 1971. The his­tory of Pak­istan can eas­ily be di­vided into roughly 10-years brack­ets, each hav­ing own pe­cu­liar­i­ties and reper­cus­sions on its fu­ture.

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